Yale YD-01-CON ZWave connection issue

Hi all,

I have the Yake YD-01-CON door lock with the Z-Wave Plus (SD-M1100) module and Zwave.me UZB dongle, but I can’t get Home-Assistant to detect the door lock. I think I’ve everything set up correctly on HA (device is detected and configured in Z-Wave JS) and both devices appear to enter pairing mode, but HA does not detect the lock. The PC and lock are a few feet from each other and through a wall but I assume they should still be in range. I’ve no other Z-Wave devices to test. Has anyone any advice on how to debug?

I have all Yale ZWave locks and they are always a pain to add. Make sure your zwave dongle / device does not have interference; away from USB ports etc. Make sure your zwave network is fully healed and all nodes communicating with each other first, and if possible have the dongle / device within inches of the lock. You may have to continually wake the lock while pairing. Also it may be that you are adding it in non secure mode, and it wants secure mode?

Thanks for that. At least I know it’s not just me that’s struggling.
I think I’ve tried all your suggestions but if it’s a distance or interference issue it’ll be hard to identify. It’s my first zwave device so not sure where the problem lies (in HA or lock). HA is on a desktop so can’t move it closer. Lock obviously not moveable either
Is there any programs I could run on a laptop with the USB dongle connected that’ll let me see if the lock is available for pairing?

I use a 50’ USB extension cable sometimes; you can find them on Amazon for very little money.