Yale YRD 110 Lock Not Locking or updating status In HA/OZW

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I’ve got a Yale YRD 110 zwave lock that HA and OZW recognize, but when I try to lock the door from HA the lock doesn’t respond and the switch state flips back to unlocked no matter what the state of the lock is. I have added the lock securely.

Some people seem to have success getting the lock to respond, but only if they’re using another zwave controller–not if they add it directly with OZW and HASS. Does anyone have any advice for how I could get this working without purchasing another hub?

Did you resolve this specifically for the YRD110? I see the other threads talking about different models but I’m still having issues pairing mine via OZW. As you mention here, I have successfully added it as a secure node but the locking/unlocking fails to work.