Yale YRD256 Lock - Battery 100% with a "Replace Battery Soon" Notification

I have two Yale Locks with “Replace Battery” notifications even though the batteries are at 100%. One of the locks is working properly, and it does not show a Replace Battery notification. Here’s a screenshot of the device with the incorrect message:

And the screenshot from zwavejs2mqtt:

Does anyone know how I can reset the message that the battery needs to be replaced soon? Thanks!

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Did you ever figure this out?

Had forgotten about this, looks like the issue is still happening in latest HA + Zwave JS - was thinking maybe updated lock firmware might help but can’t find any online.

Interesting, so did you just disable the replace battery soon sensor?

I excluded from my battery check automation, wasn’t able to get it to work properly.

I also have this issue and cannot find a solution other than disabling that entity in my battery alert automation.

Press the “Idle Battery maintenance status” button entity, accessible via the device page or entity list.

I think that did it, thank you!