Yale Z-Wave Module 2 and USB Z Wave stick?

Hi do you know what firmware your module is running?

1.2.0 here.

I’m also showing 33.16 so that rules out the firmware, it is strange I’m having the same issue as @jamie_shaw

Side question when you moved over to zwave js did it remote 100%
The old zwave stated it was 61%, just wanted to make sure it’s working and it just reset it.

Apologies, I thought you meant the actual firmware as registered in the Conexis app. (Updated both my locks using a module from Yale).

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Not sure what you mean by that.
In case it’s related, I noticed that when the battery level dropped below 50% the lock connection would be erratic and I got sick of it so I now have my lock hard wired to a power adapter. Been working faultlessly since.

Sorry your correct my message wasn’t clear.
When I moved over to zwave js the battery indicator showed 100% (the old integration stated the level was 61%, which I believe to be right)
I was curious if anyone had this or does it not report it correctly.

Thanks for sharing this template! I’m wondering if anyone has tried this with the Yale YRD256 locks? The alarmtype entities for my locks always show: null for this entity? Anyone else getting different results?

Yeah now that you mention it I had to pull the battery status once a day via an automation as it would not update otherwise.

  - service: zwave_js.refresh_value
      entity_id: sensor.yale_conexis_l1_battery_level
      refresh_all_values: true

Sorry I don’t have that lock so can’t advise…

Spot on!
Thank you
Now reporting 61% :+1:

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@lolouk44 - Thanks for that service tip, I’ve two locks and the older does NOT refresh and needs this ?hack?
Reading through the thread however I’m confused by the ‘Alarm Type’ of 144, my initial read of the HA Alarm documentation suggested I could use AlarmType-12 and is supported by the attached files a found on the US Yale/Assa-Abbloy site.
Is there any similar documentation for the Connexis L1?, I could muddle though on the info in this thread but I do like a good reference read to send my to sleep at night…
[Deadbolts](https://us.yalehome.com/Yale/Yale US/Real Living/home control/Compatible Z-Wave Systems/Yale Real Living ZWave Plus System Integrators Guide YRL deadbolts.pdf)[YRM](https://us.yalehome.com/Yale/Yale US/Real Living/home control/Compatible Z-Wave Systems/YaleRealLiving_ZWavePlusSystemIntegratorsGuide_YRM.pdf)[NEX Touch]

I’ve noticed my battery level has dropped 10% in a week. Has anyone else noticed a change?

To be honest I’ve got no idea, I’ve trawled through the interweb and built my own list based on what I found on forums and my own readings

The battery sensor on my Yale lock tends to go up and down a bit. It usually stays within a 10% range and always has a downward trend, so I’m basically using it as a rough estimate. A lot of my other battery powered devices do similar things, though generally not as often or as large of swings.

The batteries seem to last for a long time, it’s been over a year and reporting 38%. So not terribly worried that it’s going to suddenly go dead because of bad reporting. Once it gets under 20% though I’ll probably switch them out to avoid any issues with it.

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Hi Phairplay (or anybody who’s willing to join in on conversation), is there any chance you’d be able to share with me your current setup for your zwave lock (assuming you have now migrated to zwavejs and stayed there lol). I’ve been using your amazing scripts, but obviously there have been some changes. Mainly due to the alarmtype and alarmlevel being the new way to identity who’s unlocked the Yale lock. I appreciate any information you can provide as I’m pulling my hair out.

Main issue: as AlarmLevel defaults to 1 once auto relocked, when somebody unlocks the door it can initially default to fob 1 (so you get 2 automation notifications). Only solution I can think of is I just write off the first slot.

Kind regards to anybody who can help.

I’m using zwavejs without any trouble.
Check previous post incl link to my repo for the alarmtype:

I’m using Yale YMF40 ( Not sure the module for this )
I’ve just migrated to Z-Wave JS and I re-interviewed the device


  1. Is my setup ok based on the 2 pics?

2) based on the last pic, may I check what should be the values? Thanks

  1. Which sensor should I use to trigger my automation? Thanks
    Edit… previously I was using this ‘alarm’ but it’s nowhere to be found

Hey guys new here just got my Yale keyless connected included into ha via zwave js

I don’t get any stats updates when the local is used manually any ideas guys?

Works fine locking and unlocking through ha

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Where did you buy the Yale YMF40? Can you take a picture showing the part number of the module you are using?