Yale Z-Wave Module 2 and USB Z Wave stick?

Does anyone know if theser are compatible? I’m thinking of getting the Yale Conexis smart lock, but all the documentation goes on about Smart things, whereas I have a ZWave USB stick connected to my Hassio install. This will (potentially) be my first ZWave device so I’m not sure if it’s likely to be compatible?



I’m wanting to purchase the same. How did you get on?

I have not yet done this, but the things I have read seem to hint that it would be compatible. I am a few weeks away from taking the plunge, probably. Good luck to you!


Just as a head’s up; I bought this a week ago, installed yesterday and have struggled for the past 24 hours.

I too am using a USB z-wave stick, although using the first gen module, and can find the lock but locked/unlock status is reporting incorrectly. This is my first Z-wave device so it might require some fiddling or tweaking of OpenZWave options.

If I find anything, I’ll report back. Inversely, if you have anything to add; I’d appreciate it.

I’m still not at this stage yet - but I take it you’ve added it as a “secure node”?

Yeah, sure did.

Had another crack at this evening after scouring the web for answers; in short, my Z-Wave USB was too far away from the lock (approx 5 metres, few walls – my only node so no mesh to speak of)

Secure node inclusion is ‘high power’ apparently and needs direct access not through a mesh – excluded the node, reset the stick to factory settings (nothing else was paired anyway) and moved the entire the system to within a few feet.

Paired instantly, and pull all information straight away. Locked and unlock pretty much instantly.

I’ve since moved the system back and the connection is a bit flaky again, I’ve managed to get it to unlock sporadically – invested in an extender to see if I can bridge the gap.

One problem is that the Conexis doesn’t appear to be advertise itself as a ‘sleeping’ device, perhaps for security reasons so any dropped commands result in the node being marked as ‘Dead’. Queued commands to unlock that eventually received could be detrimental.

That’s great to hear, I’ve ordered my door and the conexis has already arrived so in a couple of weeks I’ll be up and running.

Which extender did you go for, please? I’m likely to have the same problem!


It’s the Aeotec one, but it’s coming from China as it was about half the price (and probably fake). It seems there is one from FOXX that is underneath £10 but I’m struggling to find one at that price.

I don’t know if the Z Wave Module 2 (and it’s Z-Wave Plus’ extended range) might resolve the issue. If I can source a cheap module that isn’t £50, I might take the plunge.

If only every other bloody home automation device supported all networks, I must have WiFi, Bluetooth, 433 RF, ZigBee, Thread and now Z-Wave buzzing through my walls… :joy:

£42 here, which is where I got it from… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yale-Smart-Door-Z-Wave-Module/dp/B07965NDRN/

Every mains/USB powered Z-Wave device is an “extender”. There’s zero need to buy a dedicated extender :wink:

Also, when buying from outside your country, make sure you buy a Z-Wave device for your region. If you buy one for another region you may have just bought yourself a paperweight.

Thanks for the info @jamie_shaw. Let me know how you get on @jamesking I think ill probably take the plunge after reading your info. I plan on getting the conexis and zwave plus module.

Does the zwave module replace Yale tag/card functionality or just add additional zwave functionality?

I managed to get it working perfectly last night; however, the Conexis is having issues engaging the lock with my door. I’m going to uninstall it tonight and give everything a good clean in the door’s system – I feel there is to much friction on the deadbolt causing it to stick. WD40 hasn’t offered much help when sprayed into the mechanism.

I figured out that after moving to the original location, putting the Conexis back into Z-Wave pairing allowed the stick to find it and pull all it’s information back. It’ll happily report lock status at this point when it’s unlocked remotely or via controls.

As for tag/card functionality, this remains – it doesn’t require a module, and one isn’t provided with the Conexis. Adding a module just adds a RF functionality to the existing RFID/Bluetooth abilities.

I also stumbled across this article last night (through these forums) which mirrors my setup of running HA under Ubuntu on an ESXi Server – if it had any effect in getting the system working or not, I’m unsure, but it seemed to fix issues for other users in a similar pickle.


Thanks for coming back @jamie_shaw. Ive just checked out! Ill evaluate for a few months with 1 door and if I get no problems ill do the rest. I have a pretty large z-wave network in play already so hopefully it just slots right in (fingers crossed).

Hope you get you friction issue sorted is it an old door? Out of interest are you able to see which cards/tags unlocked the door? Then associate them with people/notifications.

Doorwise, not necessarily, the entire house has been built in the past 10 years or so, I think it’s just a bit stiff. I didn’t really clean anything during the installation, and didn’t check if the actuator moves freely during installation – a possible oversight on my part.

I’ll uninstall everything, remove any parts that I can, clean then, maybe file down the bolt if I can a bit, and give everything a good coat in WD40 and rebuild. The door locks and unlocks the majority of the time, but I it jammed last night with no one in the house – had to scale the back fence…

History – yes and no. The tags can be named, but don’t appear to be associated to users which are restricted to actual Yale accounts used by the app. You can get history for unlocks via the app, but this is only updated by Bluetooth and not provided in the log messages during lock events – you only get information on how the door was locked (i.e. via thumbturn, auto-lock, exterior handle, jammed, etc.).

I imagine if you were to use the Yale hub and appropriate module, this would allow history to be polled at all times. It also appears that the notifications for low battery and who unlocked/locked the lock requires this hub also, as the settings do not keep during save, even within bluetooth range of the lock.

(Battery status is reported by Zwave, so a automation could be setup within HA to monitor, however, oddly, it is currently rising for me, and I don’t believe it’s inverted or anything…)

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10 years doesn’t seem old at all! Scaling the back fence! I’ll definitely not get that through the wife acceptance factor! lol

Bit of a bummer for history but not the end of the world. I’m going to start looking at best practice for integrating the locks into automations, scripts etc Ive left them until last purposely because the danger of getting something wrong is real!

I’ve had z-wave devices battery level rise in the past they usually steady themselves out.

So I’ve gone ahead and reinstalled everything with a good cleaning with WD40 and a bit of oil/grease.

No jams yet but I have a feeling it’s a matter of time. It appears that my door will only disengage the deadbolt if the handle is at the very top of its mechanism, not just when the multipoint is engaged – and the Conexis then struggles to move the motor until I lift the handle back to the top.

This might be a issue with the door, and perhaps a tension setting I can tweak somewhere – definitely a locksmith question I reckon.

Mine was fitted yesterday and I have the exact same problem.

Did you manage to solve the problem?

The original jam issue or the handle not being all the way to the top. As for the former, so far so good, the latter is just how it works I think. The deadbolt is locked internally within the door until the multipoint is fully engaged – Conexis is just too eager to engage the motor without any knowledge of the door’s current lock status.