Yamaha amplifier stays offline after switching power on

I’m quite new to HA, so please apologize if this question seems senseless. I try to move from openhab to HA and learn about some differences.
Here the question:
When I leave home, I switch all devices powerless, my yamaha amplifier as well. When I’m back and switch power on, the amplifier state remains OFF in HA. I need to restart HA to get my amplifier visible and I’m wondering, if I did something wrong?
My configuration is

  - platform: yamaha
    - "AUDIO"
    - "AV3"
    - "AV4"
    - "AV5"
    - "AV6"
    - "AirPlay"
    - "HDMI1"
    - "HDMI2"
    - "HDMI3"
    - "HDMI4"
      AV1: "Kino"
      AV2: "Musik"

If this is “as designed”, how can I work around this problem. I’ld like to reduce my power consumption to a minimum and therefore I’ld like to switch off the power.

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend,

You won’t be able to work around it. The connection was lost because the device had no power. You can make a feature request for the yamaha integration for a reload service. That would allow you to reload it whenever you see fit. But the rxv library isn’t built in a way to re-establish a connection if the connection is lost and the rxv library is not maintained by HA, but it’s used by the yamaha integration.

Hi pedro,
thanks for your reply. As I’m really quite new to this, could you please explain in short, where I have to place this feature request. I’m now github guru :wink:
I assume there is a seperate gitlab repository for this yamaha project. When I follow this link core/homeassistant/components/yamaha at dev · home-assistant/core · GitHub I land in home-assistant/core which seems not to be the right place.
Could you please advice?
Thank you so much for your assistance.

Just to be sure and before adding a Feature Request: did you see this:
Discovery notes
Did you try to add the IP-address or hostname (when DNS is working for that in your network) in the configuration?