Yamaha AV receiver randomly turning on

Hi, I recently moved my HA installation from a raspberry pi to a VM and since the move, my Yamaha receiver is randomly turning on by itself in the middle of the night. I have the Yamaha receiver integration installed on HA so I believe the issue is with HA. Is there a way to see all the services being called and all actions being run by HA, organised chronologically? I checked the core logs but only the errors seem to come up

I’ve been using this integration for years, never had this problem. Do you by chance have alexa in your household?

No, only google home. Also the my TV is integrated with HA thru DLNA so I guess it could be the TV somehow turning the receiver on as well

I’m not familiar with Google home.

Anyways back to your original question, if HA is turning it on, you’ll see them in the logbook. If the logbook entry has no context, it means HA did not turn in the receiver. It means HA saw the receiver turn on. Context is when HA will describe what caused the logbook entry. I.e. xyz was turned on by automation abc. No context would just be: xyz turned on.

I was checking the log instead of the logbook. I’ll check the logbook when I get home, thanks

I just checked at home and the logbook has two entries when the receiver turned on, saying ‘Enhancer turned on’ and ‘RX-A860 changed to playing’. Would i be correct in saying this doesn’t appear to be triggered by HA? I suspect it could be my CEC of the TV or the Kodi media centre

Yes, I would look outside HA based on those entries

I can’t seem to find any other cause why this might be happening every night in the middle of the night. Is it possible to make an automation in HA that bans the entity from turning on for whole night?