Yamaha Network RCVs NET RADIO changed from vTuner to airable.radio

In March Yamaha changed Net Radio support from vTuner to airable.radio for many network receivers (firmware 2.65). It seems that the current version of the yamaha recceiver component is not yet supporting airable.radio.

At least for me the firmware update broke the ability to chage NET RADIO channels from HA.
Anybody has similar issues ?

Thanks Rob

Still works. Just set it up.

Path just changed. Ie Radio>Favorites>StationName

Lost some functionality tough from what I read. No more custom streams.

Thanks @Vin

Really odd that in the app interface does not exist anymore anything to search a radio by name after changing to airable!

Yap sadly one of the feature that vtuner had that airable doesnt.

Can someone explain how to transfer the old format to the new format? I verified my receiver (RX477) has latest firmware. The app seems to still use the My__Favorites path I had before. Bookmarks>My__Favorites>NPO Radio 1

Its now Radio>Favorites>StationName

NPO Radio 1 might have changed to a new name !


Using Yamaha’s Musiccast App allows you to search for stations.

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I’ve never used this app, and this will let me create my Favorites so it will be easy to find it later.

is it possible to trigger a favourite station to play from HA frontend on the music cast devices?


This is possible with the Yamaha Network Receiver component. [https://www.home-assistant.io/components/yamaha/]
I’m not sure but I think its not possible using the Musiccast component.

Looks like the Favorites seems not to work anymore with HA media_content_id:

Before I had:

service: media_player.play_media
    entity_id: media_player.yamaha_radio
    media_content_type: "NET RADIO"
    media_content_id: "Segnalibri>My__Favorites>Love FM"

Now I tried with the following but it does not work:

service: media_player.play_media
    entity_id: media_player.yamaha_radio
    media_content_type: "NET RADIO"
    media_content_id: "Radio>Favorites>Love FM"

Any Idea what to but now for the field media_content_id in order to select the Radio Station ?

@gcasta74: Did you check if the station name is still the same? It might have changed.

I know this is a really old thread, but I’m having the same issues. I finally got around to trying to select and play radio stations via HA, but I can’t get it to work.
I have an RX-V671 that uses vtuner (I pay for the vtuner service, so it’s the same as before) and has the same “My__Favorites” folder as @gcosta74 above, but I never tried to get it working before.
Can someone please confirm what it should be and how to find this from vtuner or the Yamaha app?
Is it always meant to be “Radio>Favorites>…” or is there a way to select a station that’s not in your “favorites”?
Edit: I think I’m experiencing this issue rather than just getting the command format wrong: net_radio almost works on RX-A2010 on 0.7.0rc2 · Issue #81 · wuub/rxv · GitHub