Yamaha Network Receiver - How to change source, volume etc in action?

I know how to turn devices on/off in actions, but I’m stuck with how to change attributes. E.g. for my yamaha receiver when it turns on in a new automation I want to set the source to ‘Android TV’, volume to 0.8 and sound_mode to standard? Help please.

Thanks in advance


volume_level: 0.7
is_volume_muted: false
source: Android TV
source_list: AUDIO1,AUDIO2,AUDIO3,AV3,AV4,AV5,AV6,AV7,AirPlay,Android TV,Bluetooth,HDMI Cable,JUKE,MusicCast Link,NET RADIO,Napster,PHONO,Qobuz,SERVER,Spotify,TUNER,USB,V-AUX
sound_mode: Standard
sound_mode_list: Hall in Munich,Hall in Vienna,Hall in Amsterdam,Church in Freiburg,Church in Royaumont,Chamber,Village Vanguard,Warehouse Loft,Cellar Club,The Roxy Theatre,The Bottom Line,Sports,Action Game,Roleplaying Game,Music Video,Recital/Opera,Standard,Spectacle,Sci-Fi,Adventure,Drama,Mono Movie,Surround Decoder,2ch Stereo,7ch Stereo
friendly_name: Yamaha
supported_features: 84364

Have a look at the services:


This is the service written out:

            - service: media_player.select_source
                entity_id: media_player.yamaha_receiver
                source: Xbox One
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You know what, I didn’t know that was there - thank you!

Thanks - that was a big help


The service : select_sound_mode doesn’t work?

Select_source is ok. Have you a solution?

works fine for me.

This litteral expression is ok?

Sorry for my bad english.

yep, that should switch it to Standard if its an option for your receiver.