Yamaha Receiver no longer in entities

Noticed my receiver wasn’t responding to automations anymore so I started digging. The receiver is still on my network and (sometimes) appears in the Yamaha app but is not longer in the list of entities in HA. Was this integration removed or something?

Both the MusicCast and Network receiver integrations are working fine for me.

Hmm… okay. I’ve done a reload/restart/reboot with no success. Any ideas how I might be able to get this entity to return?

And just like that, with no intervention at all, just like when it stopped working, the receiver is in my list of entities again… What the heck??

I’ve noticed that musiccast receivers need a reboot sometimes. Don’t have that issue with yamaha network receivers.

Agree that my stereo needs a disconnect from the wall from time to time; usually on the order of months before I start noticing the problem but that particular fix didn’t take care of my HA problems when I was troubleshooting yesterday.