Yaml compiling, but API not working

I use ESPHome with ESP32 and ili9341 display.
If i leave out 2 text sensors it works. Is there a maximum ESPhome / the API can handle?
Code is more than 800 lines.
code: code

No logs, no issue.

Sorry, but without API, i don’t know how to show logs.
OTA is working, but after uploading code, API connection fails.
If i adjust code (2 text sensors less), OTA is possible and API works again.

Is there another way (besides API) to get the logging?

I would connect USB-to-UART to RX-TX lines - that way you’ll see all output and maybe found out what’s wrong. All logging also goes to serial (unless you disabled it, in this case re-enable it)

I compiled the code to a bin file.
Then manually flashed the ESP.
This is the result.

‘A stack overflow in task loopTask has been detected.’

Can someone explain me why this is happening with only one text sensor more then in a working situation.