YAML configuration reloading - which file?

Is there an overview, which files are reloaded/should be reloaded with the buttons in the “Server Controls” > “YAML configuration reloading” section? I’d like to split up my config so it matches the buttons listed under this section.
Currently (v0.114.3 for me) this is:

  • Reload groups
  • Reload automations
  • Reload scripts
  • Reload scenes
  • Reload persons
  • Reload zones
  • Reload input booleans
  • Reload input texts
  • Reload input numbers
  • Reload input date times
  • Reload input selects

You’re over thinking this.

Split up your configuration however you would like to (compliant with the rules, of course). Those services will work.

The rules…


From a Home Assistant perspective, once the YAML is loaded it doesn’t matter since it’s all the same inside HA. It isn’t about files, it’s about the integration (and that list is about to grow).

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Big time! So good

Thanks alot! Having HA reload by component rather than by filename makes a lot of sense, although it isn’t very obvious from the admin panel :slight_smile:
Maybe this helps other people who stumble upon this:

Where it says:

You will have to restart Home Assistant for most changes to configuration.yaml to take effect. You can load changes to automations, core (customize), groups, input_booleans, input_datetimes, input_numbers, input_selects, input_texts, persons, scenes, scripts, timers, and zones without restarting.

Reload automations

Where is the reload automations in 0.115?

same place as it’s always been. dev-tools->services and/or server controls in side panel (configuration).
If you don’t see the option you don’t have any automations.

If you don’t see the option you don’t have any automations.

By this you mean automations.yaml file? I do and I used to see reload automations in server controls. Second to the top. I don’t see it any more in the list.

not necessarily automations.yaml… it will see automations in packages as well.
I am still seeing the reload option fine. In fact I just used it a couple of times after editing an automation.

If I go to configuration -> Automations , I see quite a few automations there. I also have a few file automations in packages. I am currently on 0.115.1

In fact, HA is seeing my automation.yaml file. It fails the check if there is any.


Don’t know if 0.115.1 had a bug or not. I do not know if the reload automations tab was missing all along or just a bad restart of HA when I was at 0.115.1. I have updated to 0.115.2 and the button is back.

I don’t mean to pull this discussion off track … however … someone may have some advice for me. I am trying to split out my lighting groups in the hope that when I make changes I can simply reload groups and not have to restart HA each time I make a change.

Am I reading this correctly that to achieve that you would need to move the groups out of the configuration.yaml and store them in the “groups.yaml” file? or when it states reload group it would reload groups in all config files eg lightgroup.yaml?

The reason I ask is that while I seem to get light groups to work from a separate yaml file using
light groups: !include light-groups.yaml
I can’t seem to find a format that works for me in the groups.yaml file. Probably missing something simple but it is driving me crazy.

Light_group and group are two completely different things.

You cannot currently reload the light platform, therefore when you change a light_group you need to restart homeassistant to effect the change.

Thanks … should you be able to configure light groups within groups.yaml?

No, light_groups are a platform of the light integration - groups are a completely separate integration all of their own. They are not connected in any way other than 5 letters of their name.

Does a modification to the “sensor:” section of the configuration.yaml always require a server restart ?

Depending on integration. For example if it’s mqtt sensor, it’s enought to reload mqtt. If it’s template sensor, reloading templates is enough. And so on.

@maxym Thanks for the quick answer. In my case, this is a sensor pulling data from InfluxDB. The data that I’m retrieving from InfluxDB is being inserted into InfluxDB by another device (e.g. IotaWatt electricity sensor)

  - platform: influxdb
    host: a0d7b954-influxdb
    port: 8086
    database: homeassistant
    username: homeassistant
    password: <password>
    # Defined InfluxDB queries that will be executed and converted to HA sensors
    # Docs: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/influxdb/#sensor
      - name: elec_wholehouse_01
        database: homeassistant
        unit_of_measurement: watt
        measurement: '"homeassistant"."autogen"."WholeHouse"'
        where: 'time > now() - 1d'
        group_function: last
        field: value