YAML editing for Automations and Scenes

It would be nice to be able to toggle to a YAML editing screen for automations and scenes like how we can currently toggle between YAML and the visual editor in the Lovelace config. As it stands, the automations gui will not display some fields (e.g., *_templates, weekday conditions, etc.)

What do you mean by this? You can set a template in the GUI editor… you have to enter your template but template is selectable from a drop down list…
The editor had a massive overhaul in 0.101.x
Scenes have completely changed in 0.102.x You set up devices/entities how you want them to be seen and then add those to a scene and save it and that is a repeatable scene you can activate at will…

For example, if I want to set a weekday condition, e.g.:

- condition: time
    - mon
    - tue

This won’t display in the GUI and I have to edit from YAML.

And I, should have specified _template fields (e.g., service_template, data_template, etc.) won’t be displayed in the GUI.

Understood… it’s getting attention at the moment and probably slated to be fixed before 1.0

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