YAML Error For Rest/API


Im new and quite a fan- HA is great and Im keen to integrate an EKM meter into the HA platform.

EKM meters have an open API that gets a json data set based on a number of paramters.

I’m able to get the Developer Tools tab to confirm the line below to produce to the current total house power, ie 1000

{{ value_json["readMeter"].ReadSet[0].ReadData[0].RMS_Watts_Tot }}

My sensors.yaml has the following:

- platform: rest
  name: "Current Power Draw"
  resourse: 'https://api.ekmpush.com/readMeter?key=123456&meters=123456&ver=v4&fmt=json&cnt=1'
  method: GET
  unit_of_measurement: "Watts"
  value_template: '{ value_json["readMeter"].ReadSet[0].ReadData[0].RMS_Watts_Tot | int }}'
  scan_interval: 900

But I keep gettting a config error that prevents me from rebooting? Error is:

Failed to call service homeassistant/restart. The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Invalid config for [sensor.rest]: must contain at least one of resource, resource_template.. Got OrderedDict([('platform', 'rest'), ('name', 'Current Power Draw'), ('resourse', 'https://api.ekmpush.com/readMeter?key=132456&meters=123456&ver=v4&fmt=json&cnt=1'), ('method', 'GET'), ('unit_of_measurement', 'Watts'), ('value_template', '{ value_json["readMeter"].ReadSet[0].ReadData[0].RMS_Watts_Tot | int }}'), ('scan_interval', datetime.timedelta(seconds=900))]). (See ?, line ?).

Can anyone give me some idea of whats going on ?

Thank you

It’s really hard to help when you don’t share the error itself…

Good point!
Updated, thank you

Spelling, “resource:”.

And this needs two braces at the start, i.e. {{ value_json....

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Thank you!
Urgh…I should have at least caught the resource error. Thank you again