Yaml generic_camera deprecation, why?

was wondering what, as title, made devs make the decision to deprecate yaml configuration of generic_camera devices, and soon remove it from core codebase.
I know it’s more user friendly configuring cameras graphically, throwing error BEFORE having them added to the system, but it’s also handy being able to set up by hand, especially when you have a lot or when you do batch experiment with different configurations…

PR #52360
Breaking changes 2022.4

It was an architectural decision made about 3 years ago. You can read about it here:

Got it. You think it would be considered a mass configuration option?
Like for KNX integration and other category of devices, who need a long list of parameters to configure, one could have in his setup.
IMO it’s much more maintainable since you can use YAML anchors or just a couple of regex to set an integration wise edit.
As an example, i’m happily using HA to run a whole company, from heating to lights/switches, from motion sensors to cameras. Having to setup 60+ cameras one by one would be a pain (and it already is, since there is no support for unique_id in yaml way).
I’m trying my best to learn fast HA architecture and advance python programming in order to contribute into this great project, but i really hope generic_camera will be one of the “rare exceptions” which ADR0010 talks about YAML discouraging in integration configs or, at least, trying to find an alternative, like a “device group” common settings…

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I agree with you 100%.

The other option is to learn how to modify the config entries file in .storage, which are json so it’s not all that difficult.