Yaml Reiman Sum integration Unavailable until source value changes

I’m using Reiman Sum integration to calculate my energy off my power.
On reboot, these sit as Unavailable until the device’s power changes, at which point they have a value. This goes back to Unavailable on the next reboot.

This is a pain, as I want to be able to do calculations off the total energy in different rooms.

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.printer_power
    name: "Printer Energy"
    unique_id: 1370dcef-1b69-4467-9153-c01f01abdef4
    method: left
    unit_prefix: k
    unit_time: h
    round: 2

This has only recently started happening but not sure what is causing it.

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Same issue

+1 - It’s totally messed up my energy dashboard for individual devices because sometimes when they “appear” there is a negative value.

Downgraded to 2023.5.1 and my problem is fixed.
2023.5.2 seems to have introduced a bug.

Same here.

Looks like there is already an issue for this: