Yaml schema issue with mqtt-sensor-device-identifiers

I have the VS Code addon installed to modify configuration.yaml
The following configuration gives me an error in the editor, but it loads fine without an error and also works as expected:

    - name: "Smartmeter current power in"
      object_id: "power_smartmeter_in_current"
      device_class: power
      state_class: measurement
      state_topic: "power/smartmeter"
      unit_of_measurement: "kW"
      value_template: "{{ value_json.in_current | round(1) }}"
      unique_id: "sm01_in_current"
        identifiers: ["sm01"]
        name: "smartmeter"

The error I get is “Property identifiers is not allowed”.
I assume it is an error in the yaml schema.

My HA Version:
Home Assistant 2023.1.1
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230104.0 - latest
Running in Windows Hyper-V (for testing until my hardware arrives)

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OK, I think I have fixed the schema issue, but I have difficulties testing it.
I followed the instructions for local development to build the project and I could start the VSCode instance, but I don’t see how I could test it, since I don’t see the HA folder contents (it’s on a different machine obviously).
Only copying the configuration.yaml and open it does not work.
I also don’t see how I could get the whole directory from the server (I tried a backup, but the structure in there is different, and the VM seems to be quite limited in access).
I also don’t see how I could get my instance of the extension on the server.
The fix is verry simple (only 1 line):
Comparing keesschollaart81:dev…osre77:dev · keesschollaart81/vscode-home-assistant (github.com)
Should I just start the pull request?

Yeah I’ve done that in the past.