YB1 LED bulb

Hi all, I have bought Mi Light YB1 bulbs (https://www.superlightingled.com/9w-rgbcct-wifi-led-bulb-yb1-p-1807.html) that connect straight to the router. All of them have their own IP. The name that appears on the router is HF-LPT230, so I suppose it is similar to the HF-LPB100 which is the HUB for a regular Mi Light (https://www.lectory.com.au/p/Plusrite/Mi-Light-WIFI-Controller-Phone-App-Control-Hub/AU08-MILIGHTCONTROLLER).

Could someone explain how to use it in Hassio? I have used LimitlessLED, Flux_LED. Nothing works. Please help.

Hi there, I’m having exactly the same problem with a mi-light 5in1 LED controller. I believe the HF-LPT230 refers to the UART Wi-Fi chip in use on a lot of mi-light products.

I’ve had no luck with connecting them to home assistant. However, passing data to port 8899 of the device’s IP address should allow control though.

For me http://192.168.0.xx:8899/17 allowed me to turn on the LEDs briefly.

Did you ever find any other work around?