Year of the social (or human interaction)? Fokusing on using all the possiblitys

HomeAssistent is wonderful and generates a bunch of possiblities. But the question is: What can you do with this possiblities? In general it is easy to trigger other “machines” because they do exactly what you exept that they will do. A lamp is not discussion with other lamps and if it has spontaios idears do to his mood its likly that it is broken. :slight_smile:

But unfortnatly it is quite difficult to interact with other humans. All people that have childs active in school work or doing same sport know the mess of organisational questions in chatgroups. All people that use “common goods” know how difficult it is to find the right person.

HomeAssistent provides great possiblities to make usage save. I run a smal stable and know how easy it happens that sameone think that a other person will…

With HomeAssistent it is very easy to discover gaps: If the light on the riding-pitch is on in the middle of the night it is very likely that sameone has forgotten to turn it off. I the small cafe i work its very likly that sameone has not shut the fridgedoor tight when the temperature is rising after buisness hours.

The harder part is to find the person that shall adress this issue. If problems are solved the social way (like informal communication and solidarity rather then strict rules) is that a value that should not needed to be changed just by tecnical needs.

Their is a whole bunch of features that can be helpful for social processes:

  • Issue tracker - making clear when a warning that can concern a whole group of people is solved / handeld.

Lets say it start to rain and the window in the rum of a teen is still open. I issue a warning to all family members, and sometimes this i causing a “family gathering”. Mom is may be in the room for doing laundry service, the teen is responsible but doing sameting in the garden, the father feeling responsible for the house…

In such situationens its nice to have an issue tracker providing information what is active issue. Like a buttom “i take this” and making that the issue is disappering.

  • shedueling functions for commen ressources

With HomeAssistent it is easy to dicover unplaned and spontan acitivities. Like kids that are useing the good wheater for en extra acitivity att the ridingpitch, people doing spontan woodworking i the workshop and so on. There is sametimes a conflict with planned activities. With HomeAssistent you can discover such logical gap: Persons that are doing sameting despite the calender is saying “not in use”.

Making it easy to send warnings to the personens that boked the ressource and providing possiblities like to issue a message via cameras speaker to indentify the ones that on the ressource and making communication possible. Sametimes you do not feel disturbed by others and can share, sametimes you have a project that makes it nessary to use it eklusive.

  • Making it easy to be fair

In nearly every group are their many discussions about the workload versus useage of same resources. HomeAssistent does often know who has opend a door scaning a NFC tag and automatisations like monitoring the weight of sameting or check if sameting is in place on given times are easy.

But it isn´t easy to combine this. Like a database x opend the door, now the place for the football is emty means that sameone has lent it… So it is more meaningsfult to ask this person if he knows why the place is emty than issueing a questing in a chatgroup to all…

And surly a brainstorming feed much more of this idears and better suggestions.

And i like the idear that teknik should work after humans need and as little as possible force humans to interact in a tecnical way… and think thatHomeAssistent is a wonderful tool to help humans beeing humans…