Yeelight and mijia devices (and google/alexa/ifttt)

Be aware that there has been a change in the way that yeelight handles Mijia devices (such as the MJCTD01YL bedside lamp and MJTD01YL smart desk lamp) such that whilst the Yeelight app (and thus HA via the local LAN connection if enabled) can manage the devices, the yeelight integration no longer exposes the devices to Google Home/Alexa/Ifttt).

if you want to use google home/alexa/ifttt, then you need to remove the device from the Yeelight app, and add to MiHome, then use MiHome via Google etc.

BUT I don’t believe there is a way to unlock local LAN mode in MiHome… which is required for HA to manage the devices.

An update. So it turns out you can do the following:

Add Mijia lamp (such as the desk lamp) to Yeelight App. Unlock LAN access.

You can now add MiHome integration to Google home using the same account that you used on Yeelight app - they all host off the same servers.

You can now use Google Home to control the device. And HA. And yeelight. (and MiHome).

the same principle applies to Alexa with the mi home skill.

HOWEVER there isn’t a MiHome/xiaomi integration in IFTTT…