Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Component

On a whim I bought a load of Yeelight BLE mesh bulbs and the alarm clock bluetooth mesh gateway, thinking that it would just work alongside my existing Xiaomi zigbee stuff, as they appear in the same app.

I can’t get HASS to see the bluetooth bulbs however. I can see and control the bulbs in the MiHome app, but even if I call the xiaomi_aqara.add_device service I don’t see those bulbs.

Can this work, and I have a config issue? Or will this just not work like i’m thinking it would?

Thanks for any help!


Hello, any news on this topic?
I have a lot of E27 Mesh Yeelight Bulbs but I can’t figure out how to make them works with HA…

Hey @ThePirat - it’s good to see someone else had the same problem as me! :slight_smile:

I replied on the other thread: Control Google Home devices from HASS

Thanks @velkrosmaak for your answer…but what if I don’t use Google Assistant (Alexa man here)?

Any news on this topic?

I am also buying this gateway and would like to integrate it into my Home Assistant Server, without Google Assistant (I do not have it)

Same problem here

For what it’s worth - my above mentioned setup is still working great. Might be worth in investing in a Google Assistant purely to use as a gateway for these lights. You can get them for £15 sometimes.

I’ve stayed well away from Bluetooth stuff since though, Wifi, Zigbee or 433Mhz all the way.

Hi, I have gotten the Yeelight M2 Spotlight mesh and Xiaomi BLE/Zigbee Gateway 3. However I am not able to integrate it with Home Assistant. I went thru the instruction of using Google Assistant as a proxy as the Yeelight M2 mesh works with Google Home. However I felt it has just too many hops to get control of the lights, HA -> Google Assistant -> Yeelight Cloud -> Xiaomi BLE Gateway 3 -> Yeelight M2 Spotlight.

Is there any simpler and more direct way to control the Yeelight mesh lighting in HA? hopefully some expert can help to get the direct integration soon. Much appreciated.


I’m also interested in this topic ! I was pretty sure the Homekit Controller integration would allow me to control the light but obviously, the Homekit Controller integration only see the gateway, and does not detect all the bulb connected to the gateway…

Also, I would be interested in the Google Assistant integration but I just realized the light control via Google Home doesn’t work very well…
Anyone had issue in controlling these light with Google Home ??
When I change the brightness the light turn minimum brightness and then no way to change it from Google Home. I need to go on HomeKit to control them again …

Any help would be appreciated. Truly hope someone will somehow work on integrating these bulb in HASS. I tried to control them via BLE retro-engineering but I don’t have enough skills with BLE to find out how to control the light… And no way to find any documentation about how to discuss with the bulbs :’(

Hi Nicolas,

what gateway do you have in use? I try it huge time with the xiaomi muti-mode gateway v3 what also supports BLE MeshLight but there is actually no way to integrate the mesh lights to home assistant using this gateway.
Now use the original Yeelight Gateway. Try this out.

Wait … what ?!

I do have the Yeelight Gateway (YLWG01YL) and it didn’t expose any light when I tried to pair it on HASS (using Homekit controller) so I reset it and was actively looking for a workaround to control the light… !

I might had no luck at the first try. Are you telling me that you just need to pair the Yeelight GW with HASS’s Homekit controller and it does expose all your BLE bulb to HASS ?

If so, you made my day!

BTW: just started to dig in HASS stuff, super glad to see the community is responsive and careful :slight_smile:

Yes this is what I’ve done.

  1. Reset the Gateway.
  2. Use the yeelight app and search (again) for the gateway
  3. Afterwards you should get a notification in Hassio that homekit-controller discovered the yeelight hub.
  4. Pair your yeelight gateway with homekit using the homekit code from the bottom of you gateway

Thats it. If you add your mesh-lights to your yeelight app the homekit controller will discover these as well.

Please give me feedback if it works for you too.

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Indeed I just had no luck the first time and stop tried but it works !

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Quick question here. Following this guide the yeelight will work locally withouth any 3rd party cloud? Just the Bluetooth gateway?

Thank you

Hi @Martin1,

I didn’t check the YL gateway traffic to WAN, but I’ve experienced some internet connection issue and the command to the light (via HA) still works. So I would say it does work locally (but I won’t say it doesn’t send data to any cloud)