Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp (Meteorite) - YLDL01YL


is there anyone that got the Xiaomi Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp (some call it Meteorite - should be the model number YLDL01YL, if I’m correct) up and running with all its features? If yes, does someone has some example configurations for me?

It’s automatically discoverd by (after I turned on “LAN Control” in the Yeelight App on my Phone), but I don’t know how I can control the RGB lights at the Top of the Lamp and the color (warm/cold white) at the bottom of the lamp. Turning it on and controling the brightness is working out of the box.

The Model number is not existing in:

Any hints are very appreciated.


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If you are using the default lovelace auto-gen mode, what happens if you click on the icon on the card? I think you should get a popup with other options for that light,

Yes, you’re right. But I can just control the brightness of the bottom lights (not the color and not everything for the top lights).

I guess that’s all that is currently supported unless somebody debugs & extends the support.

i can confirm that it gets discovered as “ceiling1”, which has no rgb feature for me, too.

When i played with iobroker, i had some luck declaring it as YLXD02YL, which is a ceiling lamp with RGB. I’m new to HA and haven’t manually fiddled with the .yml files so far so i don’t know how to teach HA to treat this lamp differently.

Any ideas?

To be honest, I’m also new to HA.

I tried the following in my configuration.yaml:


  • platform: yeelight
    name: Esszimmer
    model: ceiling4
    • name: ‘Fire Flicker’
      count: 0
      - TemperatureTransition: [1900, 1000, 80]
      - TemperatureTransition: [1900, 2000, 60]
      - SleepTransition: [1000]

But I dont know how this custom_effect now effects my light :-). Also I didn’t notice any difference - except, that my lamp is now called “Esszimmer”. I read somewhere, that I could use the light lovelace ui and tap long on the bulb icon to get a menu with the RGB settings, but that didn’t worked in my configuration.

Has someone else a clue what hmpy and I could do?

After some more messing around, still no luck. Is there any data I can provide for further investigation?

I would also like to know, if there is any data that I could provide for better debugging.

Please update your HA installation to 0.92 and update your configuration from:

  - platform: yeelight
        name: Wall light


  - platform: yeelight
        name: Wall light
        model: ceiling4

I’ve added model: ceiling4 to handle you light as ceiling4 just for testing. Please enable the debug output of the component and underlying platform by:

# configuration.yaml
  default: warn
    homeassistant.components.yeelight: debug
    homeassistant.components.yeelight.light: debug
    homeassistant.components.yeelight.sensor: debug
    yeelight: debug

Reboot HA and provide some logs. Also the mDNS name of your light would be interesting.


How can i join the beta using I have joined the beta channel in the supervisor window but it is not offering an update.
The system logs show that it is looking for updates using the URL, which is listing 0.91.2 as the newest version.

And what would be a good way to find the mDNS name of the light? I have found avahi-resolve -address and will try that when I get home.

Where could I find the logs after this change? Is it the Home Assistant Log in “About”? There is nothing, when I do something with the light, the log is still empty. I definitely restarted HA.

Also: It’s not completely working after I changed it to ceiling4. After it, there are two lights (one normale light and one ambilight). The Ambilight is for the top RGB LEDs and is working like expected. But I could just change the brightness level of the normal light and not the color temperature (warm or cold white).

Thanks for your help.

Does this lamp has moonlight / nightlight mode ? If there is missing color temp slider, that could suggest lamp is in moonlight / nightlight mode, then only brightness can be changed.

You’re right. It was in Moonlight / Nightlight Mode. I don’t know what they are exactly doing, but I turned it off and the color slider appeared in HA. Thanks a lot!

But just to know how to debug this: Where should be the Logoutput?

It’s done on purpose. In moonlight mode you cannot change color temp. If you try, lamp turns on normal mode. That’s why it’s hidden when moonlight mode is on. Only brightness change in that mode.

Log output should be in config home homeassistant.log

I have the crystal right now. And not yet discovered how to get it running. LAN mode is enabled.

It shows up in my router as yeelink-light-ceiling10-miiofe

Unfortunately, the manual configuration of yeelights does not have any effect. Another yeelight is (auto) discovered properly, as in the log:

2019-05-18 20:16:16 DEBUG (SyncWorker_7) [homeassistant.components.yeelight] Adding autodetected yeelink-light-color1_miio87447024.local.
2019-05-18 20:16:16 DEBUG (SyncWorker_19) [homeassistant.components.yeelight.light] Adding yeelight_color1_7c49eb19f703
2019-05-18 20:16:16 DEBUG (SyncWorker_19) [yeelight.main] Bulb<, type=BulbType.Unknown> > {'id': 0, 'method': 'get_prop', 'params': ['power', 'main_power', 'bright', 'ct', 'rgb', 'hue', 'sat', 'color_mode', 'bg_power', 'bg_lmode', 'bg_flowing', 'bg_ct', 'bg_bright', 'bg_hue', 'bg_sat', 'bg_rgb', 'nl_br', 'active_mode']}
2019-05-18 20:16:16 DEBUG (SyncWorker_19) [yeelight.main] Bulb<, type=BulbType.Unknown> < {'id': 0, 'result': ['on', '', '100', '3154', '16756113', '15', '43', '2', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '']}
2019-05-18 20:16:44 DEBUG (SyncWorker_1) [yeelight.main] Bulb<, type=BulbType.Color> > {'id': 1, 'method': 'get_prop', 'params': ['power', 'main_power', 'bright', 'ct', 'rgb', 'hue', 'sat', 'color_mode', 'bg_power', 'bg_lmode', 'bg_flowing', 'bg_ct', 'bg_bright', 'bg_hue', 'bg_sat', 'bg_rgb', 'nl_br', 'active_mode']}
2019-05-18 20:16:44 DEBUG (SyncWorker_1) [yeelight.main] Bulb<, type=BulbType.Color> < {'id': 1, 'result': ['on', '', '100', '3154', '16756113', '15', '43', '2', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '']}

The crystal itself is not discovered. However it can be adjusted in the app with no problem.

the config looks like this:

  - platform: yeelight
        name: Wall light
        model: ceiling4
        name: a_light
        transition: 1000
        save_on_change: True

Any assistance welcome, I will help as good as I can to get the thingy running :slight_smile: (a nice thingy)


I’m considering buying this lamp. I had like to know if anyone still integrated this well in Home Assistant

I just got mine today.
It’s working just fine.
Just like documented:

here is my configuration:

      name: Meteorite
      model: ceiling4

I got mine yesterday and can confirm that it works fine with this configuration, too.

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Hello Guys,

my lamp just arrived yesterday. If I want to enable Lan mode in yeelight app, the app crashes… anybody have the same problem ?
Tried to different android devices…

Sorry, i cannot help.
I used an iOS-device and it worked at first try.