Yeelight goes offline with no internet connection

Hello community, I’m facing a strange behaviour on HASSIO. I have 10 Yeelight bulbs/ceilinglight discovered by Yeelight integration. When the internet connection goes down (e.g. reboot firewall/gw or just where there is an issue from provider), all my Yeelight lamps goes offline until internet connection come back.

Before I have the yeelight.yaml with all the lamps declared (IP and type) and this issue doesn’t happen. I believe the Yeelight integration is the root cause. Am I wrong?

I would like to restore the yeelight.yaml file and exclude yeelight from discovering but honestly I’m not sure this issue is caused by HA. I have to investigate also on my Netgear ORBI AP, I’m suspecting it could be the cause too.

Anyone with the same behaviour?

I’m pretty sure I went down that road once before and reverted to YAML. No issues with dropouts using YAML.

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to restore the yaml file and disable discovery for Yeelight.
What is not clear for me is how to remove the Yeelight integration, unlike the others there is no “delete” option, unless I delete each entities one by one.

I think you will have to remove each one separately.