Yeelight help - really struggling to get much happening...?

Okay, changing this thread to something a bit broader as I’m really struggling with my Yeelights…

I’m reviewing the Yeelight help
And Yeelight docs: Working with Flow — python-yeelight 0.7.10 documentation

but I seem to be coming up short on how to do things…

  • Dim/brighten on hold was my original question - i’ve got this working, albeit possibly less than ideally
  • Flow transitions - they just seem to give me a single colour (see latest post)

I’m trying to set a button to dim/brighten my Yeelight while it’s being held - I’m using NodeRed (tho don’t believe this is directly related) and calling the turn on command with brightness set every 100ms


I was on the understanding that Yeelight integration used local control, so not sure why I would be getting an error on a client quota exceeded? Unless that’s somehow defined in the firmware?

It’s possible there is a better way that I’m missing to do this with Yeelight (please do tell me if there is!), but it works well with my zigbee bulbs.

Okay, answering my own question on the core issue - seems that the bulbs do have a limit on them directly per the docs
Yeelight - Home Assistant (

I am still wondering if there is a better way to do the dim/brighten while holding on Yeelights however…
(I’m also trying to find a way to set a random color, tho thats a totally different question!)

Hoping to re-purpose my original post to get some help here

I’m now trying to get an infinite colour transition going…
There is information here: Working with Flow — python-yeelight 0.7.10 documentation

I have put this in node red as outlined, yet all I get is a switch to purple… (which to be honest is what I would expect this code to do were it not for the docs telling me otherwise)
{ "transitions":[ {"RGBTransition":[255,0,255,1000]} ] }

Please can somebody help?