Yeelight-integration/configuration still active, even after removing the integration itself

Hello alltogether,

as i’ve tinkered and reflashed all of my Yeelight ceiling lamps with esphome recently, i now don’t need the yeelight integration anymore.
I’ve removed the integration via UI, but the logs still show traces of the integration especially when reloading home assistant. It still seems to try to connect to the yeelight lamps through the integration, which is funny, as it shouldn’t be active anymore.

Logger: homeassistant.components.yeelight.config_flow
Source: components/yeelight/
Integration: yeelight ([documentation](, [issues](
First occurred: 10:01:25 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:01:25

Failed to get properties from Failed to read from the socket at [Errno 111] Connect call failed ('', 55443).

I got the newest home assistant version running together with the Hassio-OS.
What do i need to do, to get rid of this error and all the traces of the integration (i just don’t want to bog done home assistant unnecessarily).
Thanks in advance and best wishes