Yeelight Lamps

Hi Guys

I’ve got 2 Yeelight bulbs and a xiaomi mijia yeelight bedside lamp.

The Yeelight bulbs are in my Yeelight app and have LAN control turned on.
The Xiaomi lamp is in my Mi Home app and Yeelight app but doesn’t have the ability to have LAN Control turned on.

I went into HA and went to add the integration, chose Yeelight and clicked Submit for it to find devices. It initially found 2 so I thought I had to click one and then click ok. I did this and by toggling it on and off and watching my Yeelight app, I could determine which bulb it was, so I renamed it.

I then thought I had to re-run the integration again to get the second bulb but it listed both again and I couldn’t get it to add the second one.

Therefore I thought I would start from scratch and deleted the integration. I then tried to add it back in but now it says there are no devices.

I have toggled the LAN Control for both bulbs off and on, turned the bulbs on and off, restarted HA, restarted Host and still it says “no devices found”.

Is there some log entry I need to manually clear to fix this?

As for my Xioami lamp, it never showed any device for this. I think a firmware update quite a while back has removed some functionality because Google Home now can only see that it can turn it on or off or change brightness but can’t see that it can adjust the colours. I can only change colours via either of the 2 apps.

Any ideas on how I can get HA to see these 2 bulbs and possibly my lamp?

Thanks in advance.