Yeelight lan control with packetsender

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Hi guys.

I want to share some knowalage about control yeelight lamps and strips over the lan by sending commands to those devices. I have a lot of those lamps at home and from time to time HA which controls them became crazy with 100% cpu because one of them start to refuse the network connection. Anyway, that info can help someone debug their problems.

  1. We have manual with detail
  2. We need install tool
  3. First you should send “discovery” package - it is udp on port 1982 and all yeelight devices will replay to you with their location, status and available settings

response looks like that

Cache-Control: max-age=3600
Location: yeelight://
Server: POSIX UPnP/1.0 YGLC/1
id: 0x0000000010e0de00
model: ceiling20
fw_ver: 27
support: get_prop set_default set_power toggle set_bright set_scene cron_add cron_get cron_del start_cf stop_cf set_adjust adjust_bright set_name set_ct_abx adjust_ct bg_set_rgb bg_set_hsv bg_set_ct_abx bg_start_cf bg_stop_cf set_scene_bundle bg_set_default bg_set_power bg_set_bright bg_set_adjust bg_adjust_bright bg_adjust_color bg_adjust_ct bg_toggle dev_toggle
power: off
bright: 98
color_mode: 2
ct: 3773
rgb: 0
hue: 0
sat: 0

Like you can see there are Location, power status and features that device have. More info in manual.

Next you can control each of them - simple case turn on/off the power. For that you should send TCP package to device address with command you want run - in our case it is (please make sure it have \r\n in the end!)

{ “id”: 1, “method”: “set_power”, “params”:[“on”]}\r\n

Also it works if you use telnet telnet 55443 and run the same command { “id”: 1, “method”: “set_power”, “params”:[“on”]} \r\n

That’s it!


Did you integrated in HA somehow ?