Yeelight LED Bulbs (RGB and White Bulbs)

Use the device tracker to get a state for when it gets power and connects to your wifi. When is goes home to not home trigger it on and to 255 brightness. Will be a bit of delay though as it connects.

is the flash feature working on white bulbs? for me it just turns on the lights! same with the Ceiling LED

currently i’m using a workaround with yeecli and pulse option

But when the bulb gets power it starts with brightness 255. How to change bulb starting parameters?

There may be an option in the Yeelight app, can’t access mine right now though.

The default action is to return to the last state of the bulb. So if you cut power at full brightness it will turn on to the same when the power is restored.

I changed brightness to 40, turned off bulb, stoped HA, changed in HA configuration save_on_change to false, started HA. Now when bulb gets power it turns on with brightness 40 and when connect to WiFi automation increse brightness to 255. Not ideal but works.

Is there any way to flip through the available colors with an event?

Anyone tried HA with the Yeelight Ceiling light? Could it be the YLDP03YL unknown bulb?

It is supported although it’s not being autodiscovered by the component

Hello, I have recently bought rgb yeelight lamps. On the frontend, the bulbs are shown as normal white lights only. The color choice is not visible. Is there a way to see the color choice from the frontend as limitlessled lights do?
Thank you.

Which lamps did you buy?

The RGB lights. The front end successfully shows the color temperature and the color picker. But after I pick a color, the front end image is still yellow.

Are the bulbs changing color?

They are working perfectly. The lights are also connected to homebridge and they work there too.

I have noticed that the front end sometimes wont stay up to date as far as the icon goes. I tend not to use the front end much so it doesn’t bother me. If its an issue you want fixed, submit a issue on github.

Ok, I’ll do that too. Thank you.

After changing the code to

use_music_mode: False 

and restarting homeassistant, the issue is fixed.

Glad to hear it, thanks for posting the solution.

I had one of my RGB bulbs die this weekend. It still lights up but either flickers when white or randomly cycles through RGB cycles. The wifi is going in and out too.

This bulb is 7 months old and spent half its life inside and half outside.

Gearbest noted it is past there 45 day money back guarantee. They did offer $6 back to my PayPal or in gearbest $$. They also offered to send a new one for $30 USD. You can buy a new bulb for ~$20 shipped to my home right now so checking if this is accurate.

Will update when everything is settled but figured I would post up. I have 6 other bulbs that work fine still, some outside some in. I’m guessing this is a fluke unless others start failing.

Anyone updated to the 1.4.1_52 firmware? Any issues experienced?


I upgraded to 1.4.1-52 and HA 0.48.1 and now my automation is not working properly any more! I can control my yeelight from the HA interface, but for some reason the light is not responding when triggered by automation… Haven’t had time to look more into it if it’s HA or yeelight upgrade…