Yeelight led ceiling light compatible with HA


@DonTomato How do you cancel the moon light mode?


I don’t - but thats how it works with the yeelight app, too. If you just toggle on with a button it uses the last active mode, moon or sun.
I rarely do switch modes manually, but if I do I use the bt-remote.
In home-assistant if not specified using light.turn_on it always starts in sun-mode. I like it that way!

I hope thats what you actually asked :smiley:


i have a yeelight led ceiling light with name 'yeelink-light-ceiling2_mibt62244692._miio._udp.local’
in dashboard it is autodiscovered in light group with name yeelight_UNKNOWN_34ce00b96d9c, its possible to integrate/manage it in hassio?


Are you able to control the device? Select the entity and call the turn_on/turn_off service. Could you provide a model name / product page of your device? I will update the auto-discovery if the device works fine already.


Speaking of auto-discovery… My normal yeelights started being auto discovered a while ago - is this going to continue (so I should remove the manual addressing etc of the component as it’s not needed anymore)


- platform: yeelight
      name: Fan Light
      transition: 1000
      name: Meals Area Light
      transition: 1000


  hidden: true
  hidden: true


# Google Assistant
  project_id: !secret ga_project
  client_id: !secret ga_client
  access_token: !secret ga_access
  agent_user_id: !secret agent
  api_key: !secret api-ga
    - switch
    - light
    - scene
      expose: false
      expose: false
      expose: false
      expose: false
      expose: false

So I’d remove them from light.yaml, unhide in customize and delete from config?


@DavidFW1960 Yep. Give it a try! :slight_smile: The duplicate entities is a bug nevertheless. The code change for unique id support is pretty big for the yeelight component in my opinion and the “device unavailable” feature gets lost then.


I can’t control it, i have try but it not work:

I have buyed this:


@brizzz Did you enable the developer mode/it’s possible to enable the developer mode?


Yesss, now i have enabled ‘Lan Mode’ from Yeelight App and lamp work. Thanks


I report that this model support only Brightness change, it not support rgb color, Color Temperature and Effect.


Could you provide a screenshot of /dev-state? I would like to know the value of the supported_feature attribute.


Could you provide the model name of the device?


YLDD02YL: Lightstrip (Color)
MJCTD01YL: Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp - WIFI Version!
MJTD01YL: Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp (autodiscovery isn’t possible because the device doesn’t support mDNS due to the small amount of RAM)


the model name is: YLXD01YL




I have few yeelight, like white bulbs, or bedside lamp. Now with lastest versión of HA (0.65.5) i can’t switch on light (when i switch on, automatically turn off).

Someone have the same problem with last version of HA? Maybe i’m doing something wrong?

I create this topic about this problem.



Mine work just fine. And I have all of their products, more or less.
Did your IP addresses change, or something like that?


The firmware of the yeelight was outdated.


Wohoooo finally no more errors regarding the ceiling lamps in the log! :smiley:
Thanks @syssi for all your help!

Now I just have 3 more error messages on startup, but I think those are probably common (desk lamp error probably cause of that discovery issue)?:

Error doing job: Task was destroyed but it is pending!
22:25 (ERROR)

Failed to connect to bulb, Office Desk Lamp: Bulb closed the connection.
22:24 components/light/ (ERROR)

Setup of xiaomi_aqara is taking over 10 seconds.
22:24 (WARNING)

Where do I start with these? :slight_smile:


Hi and Happy Easter,

I just updated to 0.66 and deleted the custom component by syssi but now I cannot access the moon mode anymore :smiley:
Whats the right service? I tried the night_light_mode_on but no success :frowning:


The new service isn’t part of HA 0.66. It will be introduced with HA 0.67.