Yeelight: Turn on directly with desired color or flow

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Currently you are only able to select the color of the light, or a flow once the light has been turned on.
This can be inconvenient and should be an easy fix.
For example: when you want to turn on the light with the nightlight scene, but you turned it off with full brightness, you have to turn it on first (poor fully dilated eyes) and only then are you able to select the scene.

The selector should be available when the light is off as well.
It is possible to turn on a light with a selected effect, using the start_cf or set_power method (I used the former in my app, as it can do anything).

This one works for me from off state. Turn on with the color selected

This way the color is hardcoded. It would be nice to start with any color or flow.

Don’t understand.
U can choose any color and turn on the light that way.
You mean directly with a rgb card ?

With this:

But this only appears after you turn on the light.

Ok see what you mean now.
Yes not possible with the default card.
Try the rgb light card, should work with it, you can show preset in the card and select even if it’s off

True and this is a good workarund, but still not the same because you have to add new actions to the card every time you want a color or scene that’s not already added. It would be much nicer to select from the already defined list.

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