Yeelight Unavailability: Heat Problem?

Hi all, I am having problems with my yeelights getting unavailable since months. I created multiple posts here, I read through many other posts. All firmware up to date.

I now might have find a reason: All my yeelights (bulb + meteorite) get extremely hot.

At one lamp, I now removed the cover so air can better circulate, and they stay available for long time now. This is very interesting, because it is a lamp with three bulbs in it, and they EVERY TIME got unavailable at the exact same time, which already got me to think that there must be something influencing them all (which could be heat, would make sense!)

Still, the bulbs in another lamp with the cover on get unavailable all the time. Which would also proof my point.

I did not make any temperature measures. But anybody else got similar observations?

Although I found a possible reason, it still gives me headache:

  • How can a low Watt LED get sooo hot?
  • Why do they stay unavailble over Home Assistant after they overheated, but are still available in the Yeelight App?
  • In case overheating is the reason, there seems to be no other solution than returning them

Thank you!