Yeelight unavailable at times after .54 release


Hi Guys

I have a Yeelight Lamp and 2 Yeelight Globes and they are showing in my web front end as “Unavailable” as shown in this screenshot.

My code for them in Configuration.yaml is as follows:

    name: Master Bedroom
     - light.yeelight_bedside_7811dc9201bd
     - light.yeelight_color2_7c49eb155d7e
    name: Sienna's Bedroom
     - light.yeelight_color2_7c49eb156032

Earlier in the Configuration file I have the following:

  # Customization file
        friendly_name: Max's Bedside Lamp
        entity_picture: /local/Yeelight.png
        friendly_name: Lesley's Bedside Lamp
        entity_picture: /local/yeelight_globe.jpg
        friendly_name: Sienna's Bedside Lamp
        entity_picture: /local/yeelight_globe.jpg   

Although it shows as unavailable, it doesn’t stop me from turning the lights on/off or changing colours etc using voice commands via Google Home Minis.

Does the “unavailability” relate to the message that my “Home Assistant Cloud subscription has expired”? What exactly am I missing out on doing if I don’t renew my subscription? I followed the links to find out more information and it seems to be “With Home Assistant Cloud, you can connect your Home Assistant instance in a few simple clicks to both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.” Since I can control these lamps via GH now, I’m not sure what else it can add.

Thanks in advance.


I see this occasionally as well (saw it this morning when I upgraded to 0.81.0b0). It happens. Usually they come good by themselves after a minute or so or failing that I power cycle the bulb and/or restart home assistant and they come good.

I let mine be detected by discovery but some prefer to explicitly configure them with the component but discovery works for me…


I can restart the service, reboot the Pi or turn on my lamps but the status never changes.

As I said, I can still control them via GH voice command but it would be nice to see my HA front end looking (and working or on/off switches) correctly.


It sounds like you have linked the Yeelights to Google Home directly rather than using them via Home Assistant and thats why you are still able to control them by voice


That’s the way mine are setup as well. I don’t expose them via HA as I have native GH control. Can still use them in scenes or manually in HA so even if my HA for some reason isn’t working they still work via Google.

Mine are pretty reliable in HA - it’s pretty rare for them to be not detected. (I use discovery not manual config). Maybe manual config would help Max if he’s using discovery.


@madmax1412 , as David has said, try using manual config for the Yeelights and put

discovery: # Discover some devices automatically
    - yeelight

In your config.yaml

Also, you haven’t recently done a firmware upgrade on the Yeelights at all have you? Because HA needs developer mode / LAN access turned on, which automatically gets turned off each time you do a firmware upgrade


Good idea. Didn’t think of that. Make sure developer mode is on.


Yep this was the culprit. I’ll try (at my age, I can’t offer any guarantees :slight_smile:) to remember this in future.

Thanks for your help.


Never had a problem with these up untill recently.i have 4 and some of them randomly go unavailable. I have latest firmware and Lan controlled enabled. I have not changed my setup at all.

When they go dead they are not available from home assistant or the yeelight app. Fingers doesn’t seem to find them either which is strange?

When I factory reset them and reconnect to HAss they last for a random amount of time untill the same thing happens all over again.

It is not the same bulbs that act like this. All 4 of them do but at different points


WiFi problem is my guess… particularly if the app doesnt see them either. Not a HA issue


Yeah that’s what I think two but it’s very strange. Any ideas how to fix?


Well you need to have reliable wifi - that’s like asking how long is a piece of string!

Some routers have limits on the number of devices… In my house I use a repeater because I have a crap wifi signal at the other end of the house. I recently discovered my iPad Air 2 doesn’t like the 2.4g channel 13 and have locked the router to ch 1 which is congested in my area of course but I don’t get issues with wifi anymore… you just need to see what works for you.


I had a Yeelight bulb in my wife’s bedside lamp (I have an actual Yeelight lamp on my side) and her’s became unavailable. Turns out she turned the lamp switch off at the base rather than ask Google Mini to do it like we normally do as I was asleep and she was worried Google’s verbal acknowledgement response (“Ok, turning off Lesley’s lamp”) would wake me.



If anyone else is as annoyed about this problem as I am, feel free to join me in the following two topics on the yeelight forum as I try to give them enough information to find and fix this issue with yeelights.

Unfortunately being the only contributor at this point (despite the large number of instances of people complaining about the problem across the internet) means that I am not getting a lot of traction.

Even just a post to say that you’re also impacted by this would show the breadth of the problem.


I’ve managed to narrow down the problem to wifi connection problems rising from channel interference. I use channel 13 and rarely have any issues any more. One time I had issues with connection and it was another neighbor using the 13th channel. I suggest using a wifi channel scanner to find a suitable free channel. If you have an iphone you can use apple’s airport utility program.


Funnily, my iPad seems to hate channel 13.


Whilst I am glad it fixed the issue for you, it’s not the issue for me. I have two APs on different sides of the house, one on channel 2 and one on channel 11 each with the same SSIDs and the clients balance between them. I am also in a very low density area, I can see only 1 other SSID which is a neighbour’s.

Also, more to the point, with 100+ devices all up from bulbs to light strips to broadlinks and smart power switches and chromecasts and all the rest, I have only ever had problems with the Yeelights, and when they lose connectivity they do not attempt to reconnect, which to me is a clear bug and the reason I am pursuing it with Xiaomi/Yeelight.


Do the yeelights change ip when they change AP’s? That might also cause issues (they need to be rediscovered each time they change AP’s and will outright not work if you are using a fixed configuration). Have you tried blocking them on one AP so that they only use one?


No, they do not, the APs are connected to a common Layer 2 segment connected together with ethernet. Yes, I turned off one AP for months while trying to find the problem, leading Yeelight to point out that the signal to some of the bulbs was low (yes, hence 2 APs). Turned it back on again. I appreciate your attempts at simple troubleshooting here but what I am working on is why the bulbs choose to disconnect from wifi and then do not re-attempt connection again until they are power cycled.

You can read all of this on the links I provided to the Yeelight forums if you want to avoid rehashing old ground.


Sorry to hear that, hope you find a solution.