Yeelight unavailable at times after .54 release

Seeing the following messages in the logs after updgrading HASSIO release. On the states page, the buttons disappear and say “unavailable”. DEVELOPER mode is enabled on the bulb. I think this is related to the release because it was working fine before this release. I have 2 bulbs and they are doing the same thing Anybody else seeing this?
017-10-05 12:43:03 ERROR (SyncWorker_8) [homeassistant.components.light.yeelight] Unable to update bulb status: A socket error occurred when sending the command.
2017-10-05 12:45:07 ERROR (SyncWorker_18) [homeassistant.components.light.yeelight] Unable to update bulb status: A socket error occurred when sending the command.
2017-10-05 12:48:13 ERROR (SyncWorker_14) [homeassistant.components.light.yeelight] Unable to update bulb status: A socket error occurred when sending the command.
2017-10-05 12:48:44 ERROR (SyncWorker_13) [homeassistant.components.light.yeelight] Unable to update bulb status: A socket error occurred when sending the command.

I have one RGB and one White - Yeelight and all of them works without no problem on HA 0.54.

I have these errors in the log as well from time to time (couple of times a day) but I’m pretty sure I had those messages in 0.53 as well. I thought is was due to poor wifi or a time out to update the status, never looked into it as they work fine in my automations, although response is a bit slow sometimes.

I also suspect wifi as a cause. They are just above the router on another floor so i don’t think distance is the issue. I’m going to turn on NMAP scanning and see if maybe that is overloading the WIFI.

I had the same issue today. 3 bulbs were working fine but it seemed like they timed out after a while of not being used. 2 of them became ‘unavailable’ both in Hass.IO and with the Yeelight app. The only resolution was to power cycle them. All of them have the latest firmware and developer mode turned on.

I spent some time disabling services and it seems like the nmap scanning causes the yeelights to report socket errors. You can exclude the IP addresses of your yeelights in the nmap section of your configuration.yaml. It doesn’t make the errors disappear forever but I’ve not see the lights go “unavailable” since I put this configuration in place.

The web socket errors are actually mentioned in the docs!

hi. I have recently purchased 3 RGB’s and i’m experiencing the same problem. I think i only have Nmap scanning on both my mobile phones IP. So i don’t know what is causing my issues, are you certain its nmapping and can you check the yaml to make sure its correct.

  - platform: nmap_tracker
    home_interval: 10
    track_new_devices: false


No, I wouldn’t say the nmap is the cause but more a contributor. Faster networks / servers etc might help fix the problem. I just turned off both bluetooth and nmap and the frequency of the light timeouts diminished. What would really help is if yeelight would allow setting a longer timeout.

I see nothing wrong with your yaml.

Mine is terrible.

Hello, same problem here…
It occurs when status is not changed for a while. Status on home-assistant is updated, but it doesn’t change on lamp.
I have several scenes that turn on/off lights based on light/sunset/time but often they fails (for example tonight a couple of lights did not turn off even after the night mode has been activated… really annoying).

I have put this issue down to a wifi extender that seems to not like excessive traffic. i actually dont think its the lights at all. When i reboot the wifi extender the yeelights come back to life, plus the only yeelights that go unavailable are the ones using the wifi extender

I don’t think it’s related to “excessive traffic” (at least in my case).
I do not have any problem with all other devices (xiaomi gateway, motion and temperature sensors, netatmo thermostat…) , only with yeelight.
After the first fail I can switch on/off multiple times with no problems, so I think it’s related to a timeout or something that doesn’t respond immediately when light is called after a long time interval…
(Of course if I use mi home app the problem does not exist at all)

Were you able to fix your issue?

Unfortunately no…

The exactly same problem here!!!

By the way, this yeelight can be controlled by the Xiaomi’s native APP (Mijia).

I’m on 0.58, and my Yeelights become unavailable frequently in HA.
All lights are on a WiFi extender, but they are always available through the Yeelight app.

once I got rid of my wifi extender I have not had anymore issues at all with my yeelights going unavailable. I would seriously look at testing the same thing.

I’ve activated my Netgear Extender’s (Model EX3700) ‘Fast Lane’ option to prioritise 2.4GHz traffic. This extender is only there for my three Yeelights anyway.
After this change, the extender’s 2.4GHz signal strength is significantly stronger. This looks to have made things more stable… so far.

I’m wondering if in my case the lights were bouncing between router and extender which was causing some network ‘confusion’ for HA.

Anyone managed to solve this issue?

I also have 3 ceiling lamps, 2 strips, 8 bulbs etc. They all become unavailable a few times a day. They do reconnect (most of the time) about a minute later. Sometimes I have to to power cycle to get it available again.

Router is Netgear R7000 and I have Netgear device tracker enabled (could this be the culprit?).