Yeelight: Various Models, Various Troubles

Hi, I am using various yeelight products and are facing various problems. Some of the problems I found in different forums, but no real solutions yet. So maybe we can find some solutions here to also help other people.

All of them were added manually, because it does not work automatically.

Yeelight Meteroite Pendant Light
It reports brightness of 0 most of the time, although setting it works fine. Makes it impossibile to use automations like “every time I press the switch, increase brightness by 10”. Also brightness_step does not work.

I added a input_number helper, that always saves the “real” brightness. Now my automation takes the value of the helper, increases it by 10, and sets the helper and the light to the resulting brightness.

LED Strip:
Problem 1:
I cannot use the color temp fader, it just does not react. I tried adding the model to the config, did not help.

They were brand new, it seems that they required an update to the current version via the yeelight app. Since then they seem to work now.

Light Bulb (1st Gen and 1S)
When I set the brightness to 100% via a group (no light group, cause I need the services group.add and group.remove), they are set to 100% according to the states, but in fact they are not. If I then set them manually darker and back to 100%, they fully shine. This seem only to happen if I set the brightness via a script, but still the states are wrong.

UPDATE: It seems that functions like rgb_color and color_name do not work correctly. Brightness is set to 255 at all times, and dev tools also say 255. Still, when I use rgb_color or color_name to set the lights to some shade of white, it is very dark. It seems like color_temp works perfectly for me. I used the exact rgb values dev tools showed me when a specific color_temp was set. (color_temp: 229 or rgb: 255, 214, 182).

( I am currently assessing other problems and will add them soon, e.g. led bar regularly closing the connection)

A video showing the heavily differing brightness can be found here, I am switching multiple times between rgb_color set and color_temp set:

So use color_temp for max brightness!