Yeelight (Xiaomi) Smart dimmer switch

Hello everyone!

I know this one just came out but I felt that I had to bring it up:
Yeelight Smart dimmer switch

It’s precisly what i want; a round, nice looking, dimmer switch. There seems to be two version: one is meant to replace a regular light switch and draws power from the wall, and the other goes on battery and sticks to the wall with tape. They both operate with bluetooth 4.2. From the description they only seems to be compatible with other yeelight lamps at the moment but if these could be connected to a rapsberry pi or other microcontroller which can run bluetooth-to-mqtt relay we could controll whatever light source or media player we want, it could be glorious! :slight_smile:

What haven’t figured out yet is if the version which replaces the regulare light switch acutally works as a regular light dimmer as well or if it is only powered by it and then uses bluetooth connection for dimming and on/off. IT would be great if it actually was “dumb” dimmer switch as well.

Anyone up to the challenge or know how this one could be implemented with HA?

I did get connected to the Raspberry pi, but after that I didn’t get any luck… I can’t figure out the protocol…

I have the same problem, how to integrate this dimmer with my home automation ?
Anyone see the chance ?

Was looking into this myself and stumbled upon:

Its not been started yet but hopefully someone with the skill picks it up at some point and we can use it in something like OpenMQTTGateway in the future.

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Any progress on this?

I wish! I don’t have the technical knowhow but I do have one of these laying around. I ordered one in excitement and thought I’d be able to use it to control my other Yeelight bulbs, maybe even connect to HASS.

Support for Yeelight Remotes (YLYK01YL) and Yeelight dimmers (YLKG07YL and YLKG08YL) has been added to BLE monitor

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@Ernst that seems to bootloop my haos