Yellow won't boot after with M.2 installed

Hi - new to HA with a Yellow and CM4.

I bought a pulled 512gb m.2, did a shut down and popped it in.

However the unit never came back online after plugged back in. There was traffic showing on the ethernet port. I left it for about 5 minutes.

It came back up quickly once removed.

I didn’t see I had to wait for any formatting processes before the system would come up. I don’t have any hardware to test or format it with.

Did I miss something?


did you ckeck if the disk is supported here FAQ – Home Assistant Yellow

Nope! Thanks!

But should unsupported = no boot?

Will shop based on recommended model

Sincerely don’t know, I don’t own a Yellow to try.
I hope you can troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks - my drive was on the naughty list so I bought one that was on the nice list.

Just very rarely experience a situation where adding hardware to a working system causes it not to boot.

‘Nice list’ drive worked as easy as I expected HA code to run. Need to remember to read more FAQ’s before versus after.

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