Yet another GE JASCO dimmer question and config values

Hi, HASS newbie here. I’m trying to improve the performance of the GE dimmers (multiple threads on the subject) and I’d like to try a different approach, only I’m not sure how to code the following, or where to place it (automations? scripts?).

when HA starts:
set the following attributes on light.family_room_fireplace_lights
parameter_number = 10
parameter_size = 2
parameter_value = 255

based on the values found at



You can do this via the zwave.set_config_parameter service. E.g.:

service: zwave.set_config_parameter
  node_id: "{{ state_attr('light.family_room_fireplace_lights', 'node_id') }}"
  parameter: 10
  value: 255

Worked perfectly. Thanks.


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