Yet another High CPU request for help

I noticed the other day that the CPU usage on the VM (on Proxmox) I’m using for Home assistant is consistantly in the mid 20’s and I went about looking to see what the load is comming from.

Most of it appears to be coming from the python3 homeassistant process, with it spiking up to 100% (so 1 core out of the 4 cores allocated to the machine.

I ran the profile integration and installed py-spy and ran that so now I’ve got 2 pngs and an svg (pngs includead and a link to the svg below) but I don’t really know how to interpret them, could I get some help ?

The only thing that I can see in there that I can understand is the adb bridge stuff but that doesn’t look like it is the main use of cpu cycles ?


I just did what I should have done and tested the hypothesis. I disabled the Android TV integration for my Firestick and low and behold python3 is no longer using signifcant cpu time and proxmox is now showing about a 10% drop :slightly_smiling_face: