YET another take on an alarm system



Not so correct. Do this instead

You will need to copy the following files into your home assistant configuration directory

alarm.yaml This files stores your alarm configuration. An options page will be created for this file custom_components/alarm_control_panel/ The brains of the operation. This is the logic of the custom alarm system panels/alarm.html This is the interface for the custom alarm component. It’s actually optional as the alarm will function without it but recommended for ease of setup www/alarm/[ALL FILES] These files control how the interface looks and feels www/lib/[ALL FILES] These files add additional functionality to the interface in order to work www/images/ha.png An image file used for the interface log

Get the files to copy by pressing the big green button on the gihub page and choosing “download zip”.

There are actually other files to copy that are left out of the instructions. Read up the thread a bit.


I followed the instructions on Github and uploaded all files to config directory but I am still getting this error
Platform not found: alarm_control_panel.bwalarm

Please help.


This folder:


Should have this file in it:


Thanks. My display looks like this:


My question is, should I create these folder in config and copy the files into them or just copy thos files directly into the config directory?

Thanks for your feedback.


I think you just need to download and copy all folders and files into your /config


That’s basically what I did but just not working for me.


What exactly is not working?


The display only shows arm away and arm home.


And what do you expect? Click on top-left corner thingie (home button?) and select Alarm to see more…


Silly me. Thanks a lot!


Loving this project. I’m trying to figure out why the Activity Log shows a sensor has been activated but doesn’t display it’s name.


Yeah, didn’t notice that.
Unfortunately, the author is unreachable/not responding to our calls for help… :frowning:
Hope someone else is able to look into it.


That’s a shame, obviously very busy. At least I know it’s not just me.


Just updated to HA v0.86.4 and found the alarm panel is not working anymore.

Have tried reconfiguring everything… some questions:

Is it still fully functional/maintained?

I can only see binary_sensors as the possible triggers. Mine are template sensors with three possible states (alarm, ok, disabled). Will I loose the disabled state (very useful for false-triggers, maintenance, …)


it is kind of functional, but we haven’t heard from the author since the last release in November… :\

Regarding sensors - read up some earlier posts (from November-December).

Could you explain meaning of your “states”? There was no significant change so I assume you won’t lose anything…


Thanks for the information,
I’ll review previous messages, but since last update to 0.84.x (added to some other breaking changes) I’m seriously considering sticking to the current HA version with the current addons, or even replacing this panel with an standard component and some automations.

This is one of my template sensors:

  - platform: template
    value_template: >-
      {% if   is_state('sensor.e1_pir', '1') and is_state('input_boolean.enable_pir_e1','on') %} Alarm 
      {% elif is_state('sensor.e1_pir', '0') and is_state('input_boolean.enable_pir_e1','on') %} Ok
      {% elif is_state('input_boolean.enable_pir_e1','on') %} Unknown
      {% else %} Disabled
      {% endif %} 

with this template I can easily disable the sensor if I get false triggers until I can fix it.


Well, I’m on 0.86.1, and the alarm panel is working fine (migrated from old UI and 0.63.x few months ago).

Do I get it right that you question is how to use your non-binary template sensors with the current alarm panel?


Yes, right.
Any advice?


Any ideas as to why the lovelace card will arm but not disarm with my code. I can see in the logs it’s receiving a wrong password when it definitely is correct. I can disable no problem in the alarm panel…


That’s odd. I’m able to arm and disarm from the lovelace panel.