Yi Dome 1080. I´m missing something

Hello to everyone. I’m really bad with this things, and I tryed to see other posts, but I’m getting lost.

So, basically, I need this for “hack” my camera.

and finding my camera… I have to use the file “h201c”

after that i follow the instructions…

  1. Get the correct firmware files for your camera from the releases section (Releases · roleoroleo/yi-hack-MStar · GitHub).
  2. Save both files (for example home_y203c and sys_y203c) on root path of microSD card.

but I only can get one file, “h201c_0.3.1.tgz”. So my question is…

I just have to put this file in a SD called root, and thats it, or I’m missing other files somewhere else? I don’t know why it tells you “save both files” when you only have one.

Sorry if that looks stupid…

Thank you.

The .tgz file is a compressed archive, like a zip file. I assume you’re not on Linux so you’ll need an app like 7Zip or WinRAR to extract it to the 2 files mentioned then follow the instructions from there.

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