Yi Home 1080P bricked after alternative firmware install

So I bought a Yi Home 1080P (48USYJH1YF), configured it, all worked well. Then I tried to install the firmware from https://github.com/shadow-1/yi-hack-v3 (by following the instructions). For my camera this had to be rootfs_y20 and homey20. I got a yellow pinking light, then a solid yellow one. This is not good.
Then I tried a couple of scenarios:

SD card was MSDOSFAT32 formatted, there are no file extensions in the filenames, I reset the camera a couple of times,… So I’m out of ideas of what I can do now.
The camera is bricked for the moment. Does anybody have a good idea?

Nothing to suggest because I had exactly the same experience. Booted with rootfs_y20 and home_y20, camera turned solid yellow and I could not flash anything else to it, including the official one after following the instruction from the Yi home website (download the latest firmware, rename to home_y20m etc). It seems that the camera is permanently bricked.

Thanks, BoPeng (although it’s a rather depressing message :-)). Last chance is: contacted the shop where I bought it; they will ask the manufacturer.

Watch this thread as I will try to un-brick it and share my experience there.

Hi Guys,

Have you tried https://github.com/TheCrypt0/yi-hack-v4 it worked on my 1080 dome and 1080 outdoor cameras with no problems.

I tried that, but no success…

@BoPeng and all others: the makers of the yi-hack-v4 posted an update that unbricked my camera!!! Woohoow!

really? i’ve tried to install the latest version. yellow light turns on for about 20 seconds. then the camera goes online on the app. as normal. no flashing of yi-hack.

The app works normally with the yi hack v4, then all the other features are located at the cameras ip address through the browser on http port 80. If you already have the camera setup through the app all you have to do is flash it and all the other settings are saved. At least that’s how it worked for me. Try to access it with ssh as well, it sounds like you flashed it successfully If the yellow light flashed then it reboot and came back up.

I need some help here :woozy_face:. I’ve been trying to install the yi hack v4 firmware but when powering on the camera with the SD card in it, it performs a normal boot and ignores the new firmware completely. The firmware which is installed on the camera now is version
I’ve also attempted for first downgrade to an earler stock firmware but also there no success. I’ve restarted the device several times, reset several times, tried different firmwares (also yi hack v3), tried different names of the firmware files on the SD. Everytime with the same result. De camera boots normally.
Is there anyone that get point me in the right direction or has experienced the same issues. Your help is more than welcome!

Edwin, try asking you question in this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/XZMMHu - the developer is active there.

Have you ever found a solution? I just received my camera today and it’s behaving exactly like yours. It’s just bypassing the firmware and going straight to operation mode

Yes, I did manage to get of to work bij using another firmware which can be found here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for pointing this out, but unfortunatly, I was not able to get this one going either. It just bypasses everything that I put on the card and just boots to the camera. I am not sure if this is due to the firmware on the camera itself, or user error, I am usually not that dumb with these things and can get them to work within a few tries. I am about to send it to the trash bin!

Bernard- which binary image did you wind up using? I also have had no luck flashing the yi-hack firmware. How do you know if the camera has the Crypt0 or MStar chip?

None of them worked unfortunately. I’ve put the camera back in its box to see if someone else comes up with a solution, but for me, it was a no-go … I wonder if my camera had a new firmware installed that would not let me do anything with it.

Regarding SD cards which don’t seem to work with flashing Yi cams…
It’s an old problem which is there for years. Few years ago I did experiment with different types 16GB cards (in 720p Yi cams) and found a few (Samsung) 16 GB cards which seem to work. But the last tip I found worked with many newer (at least Samsung) 32 GB cards… format just 16GB (of the 32 GB) and try flashing again. It worked for me (and others)!