Yi outdoor Camera

Good Morning, Has anyone got the yi outdoor camera working in HA?, The one that looks like the nest clone

It’s not on the Yi Camera list but it might be to new looks like there is a official US version as well from YI.


I’ve got several Yi home 1080p cameras and one Yi outdoor camera. The former are working fine with Yi hack v3 component, as you will know and indicated here:

It doesn’t feature RTSP but it lets you access via FTP (for example to backup images to your NAS), it works great!.
However, I have not been able to integrate my Yi outdoor camera to HA, though it works great with Yi app. Right now, it seems they’re trying to get a new hack, you can see their steps here:


Hope this helps.

what firmware on the list did you use because I cant seem to flash the 180 Outdoor camera with the Hackv3 files for some reason?

not sure if you still looking for help but I’ve found it and also saw that you had asked about it so…

TheCrypt0/yi-hack-v4: New Custom Firmware for Xiaomi Cameras based on Hi3518e Chipset. It features RTSP, SSH, FTP and more!

enter it and you should be fine.

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Hey everyone - reviving this thread as I’d like to add a Yi outdoor camera to my home. Our Ring cameras have paid for themselves 10x over but I’d like something that allows me to store video locally, reduce latency and get rid of our monthly Ring subscription fee. I think the Yi outdoor camera would be perfect for this.

Has anyone been able to get the outdoor camera to work with Home Assistant? I need to be able to detect motion and view said motion immediately in the front end so that I can act on it if need be.

Just saw your post, suppose you have it already working. Yes, as canibalo said, the yi hack v4 is perfect and it allows RTSP and their own app(really nice app) can still work perfectly.
You can also get motion detection using MQTT, although I have not used it yet as I already had other motion detectors where the cameras are installed.

Reviving this thread, again… I have yi-hack-v4 on there, but its only reliable on the Yi Outdoor at 360p which kinda sucks. At full resolution his RTSP function constantly dies and restarts, which makes it not that good for Home Assistant. He seems to have abandoned it after a cash grab. I provided plenty of evidence but he never attempted to fix the problem. Wondering what others are running? Are there any other forks out there that work better?

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