YIERYI 7 in 1 water sensor for pool

I have a Yieryi 7 in 1 water sensor for my pool. I tried connecting it to HA on Zigbee but none of the sensor values come up. I used my old Tuya Zigbee gateway and teh Smart Life app and it works fine. I was wondering if anyone has brougt this into HA?

[ I used to use the old ble.yc01 with bluetooth into HA but they are poor quality and after I failed the second one, I wanted something more robust]
link to device:

Hi, I have same question - don’t have a Tuya zigbee gateway and don’t want to have to get one for this device.
I had luck pairing a Tuya smart switch into HA without a hub, so was hoping to do the same with this, but now you have got me worried!

I bought one and am sending it back as it filled up with water.