Yolink hub 3 as of now working on tello sim card

I just got a yolink hub 3 in hopes of it supporting local control at some point and because I was interested in its cellular back up. Yolink is selling a plan that actually sounds pretty reasonable for 6.99 a month but me being me just had to see if it works with other sim cards. I installed a 6 dollars a month tello card (mine is 2gb a month, you can get 1gb a month for 5, I’m almost positive it runs on tmobile network). It worked after several minutes and it is not connected for wifi or an ethernet cable. I have updated its firmware so I know its getting data both ways. To change sim cards, it is a nano, open up the hubs case and remove yolinks nano card which is on the under side of the cellular module. Be careful not to rip the wire off the antenna as I did when reassembling. I have very sloppily soldered back it as it basically ripped part of the flexible stuck on antenna off but I got as high as -75 db so I assume it is at least working. I do have some other antennas coming to try out and will try to post those results when I get them but they are just other flexible stick on antennas I think it takes an ipx 1 style connector by measurements.