YoLink Integration Will not setup/configure

I am not certain where to address my difficulty. If I posted this in the wrong place, feel free to move it accordingly.
Disclosure; I had the integration operational until everything was “unavailable”. I contacted their tech support, they replied that everything on their end was functioning. I attempted removing the integration and reinstalling. There was a screen in the process for credentials, when I submitted, nothing seemed to happen. Every attempt after, I no longer have any options or credential screen. Instead it goes directly to their [api] https://api.yosmart.com/oauth/v2/authorization.htm?response_type=code&client_id=… and returns the error: " The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."
When you click the [OPEN WEBSITE] it attempts the same URL.
The best I can figure, something must be stuck in cache.
Does anyone have any ideas?


Please help. Now when I try to add the integration I get this message:
I am desperately seeking a method to get the YoLink integration installed.

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My YoLink also stopped working approximately 3 weeks ago. Attempts to reload the configuration do not work. I haven’t attempted deleting and reinstalling yet.

Good Luck and GO SLOW before pressing enter. My only way is to start over with HA (I verified it works) something is totally wrong that it will not let me start from the beginning. It has to be a key or something, but since Erik left, there is no support.