YoLink integration

I built an implementation of Home Assistant to replace a decade-long implementation of Indigo. I have migrated most of my devices over and had a Z-wave gate relay fail. I was looking for a longer range relay so that I could mount it at my property gate instead of at the end of a long wire run and stumbled across YoLink.

My hub and multiple devices arrive today. I’m eager to get this implemented in HA, and it sounds like it will initially be done via Alexa or IFTTT. I will check out the MQTT/NodeRed later this evening to see if that’s a more local and resilient solution while we wait for the official integration.

Just wanted to point out that there are more of us eager for a straightforward and (hopefully) local integration!

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Hey @mark_f , any progress? I too would like monitor my gate. My zigbee/remote rpi solution failed. And this looks promising (despite the bickering). I am pretty desperate to find a long range solution.

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I received my hub, a motion sensor, four door sensors, and the gate relay this week. I have only messed with the motion sensor out at the location, because the relay requires a DC power supply and I have to rig up a transformer off of my gate’s AC terminals to power it. However, I am a little apprehensive because the motion sensor only responds at about the halfway point to my gate, which is approximately the same range of my Z-wave devices.

It’s possible that the battery operated motion sensor has a less powerful radio than the powered device, so I’m going to try to run an extension cord out there today and see if I can make the relay work. I would hate to go through the process of creating reliable DC power only to find out it’s unnecessary. I will report back on how things work out.

That said, this is only the first step - getting the devices to actually work. The next step is a type of integration, which I haven’t yet tackled.

Edit: I have just tried getting the relay to work at my gate, which is approximately 240 feet from the YoLink Hub. No success. I moved the hub a few times to get it away from any potential interference and I’m still having no luck. I may try mounting it in my attic at the point closest to the gate, but I’m starting to think this may not be the long distance solution I was hoping for.

Another update. I was able to get the relay to work at the gate by moving my hub into WiFi mode and placing it in the bedroom nearest to the gate. It’s not ideal as it’s not with the rest of my HA and computer equipment, but it does work reliably. My outdoor motion sensor also works, so that’s also encouraging.

For now, I’m using IFTTT Webhooks to send gate open/close/hold open for X/hold gate until Y type automations, and it’s working. However, in the spirit of Home Assistant’s local and protected concept, I find using IFTTT (cloud) plus YoLink (cloud) just to open a gate that I can see out of my window a bit inefficient. I’ll be working on that as time goes on, and hopefully we’ll see a legit local-only integration before long.

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I haven’t used the gate relay but I tested the door sensors at my mother’s house and they worked over 1/8 mile away through an average suburban neighborhood without any problems. At first, I thought they weren’t working but it was just my phone losing the wifi signal as I left the house and taking a while to switch over to the cellular network. Maybe you were experiencing the same thing?

I have the door sensors using Alexa routines to toggle an input_boolean in HA and vise versa. I don’t like this workaround either but it’s been getting the job done.

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Hi all,

I recently bought the YoLink water leak sensors and had been waiting for its integration in the home assistant.

Anyways, in absence of any positive communication from YoLink or YoSmart, I thought about directly sniffing the LoRa messages off air. I used a simple RTL-SDR and using some gnuradio files from GitHub - rpp0/gr-lora: GNU Radio blocks for receiving LoRa modulated radio messages using SDR (with some small changes), I could get the following messages. I am no expert in any of these but could follow things. I’m not sure if the following messages are encrypted but I get them whenever I press a button in one of my YoLink sensor (temp/humidity sensor). That way I know its the right thing.

 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 44 01 01 d2 17 b9 d1 f3 05 ee 1c 41 73 14 c4 6b b8 61 cf 7e 76 01 b3 94 7f 39 25 34 e2 ad 12 cc 83 d2 (DAska~v9%4)
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 45 01 01 7d f3 2b 99 60 9e f7 4d 05 aa 99 56 2d 8a f6 2f 3d a2 b0 03 fd 5c 53 64 fb d3 f9 3b bd c0 38 (E}+`MV-/=\Sd;8)
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 46 01 01 39 7f 17 e6 22 60 80 ac 77 76 fe 4a 0c 6c ac ab 73 a0 6b d2 9c 9b 84 e5 2d ae 67 62 74 ce 07 (F9"`wvJlsk-gbt)
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 47 01 01 4b 82 db fb 7e f7 4a 70 43 10 93 ae 14 16 49 45 c5 0b 78 37 3d 5d ff d1 a8 13 cd cf 58 98 12 (GK~JpCIEx7=]X)
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 48 01 01 dc c1 b5 38 8c 1f 78 7d bf c6 51 56 c0 eb e8 bd 6d 6b 8b 82 ed cf 3b c9 30 f2 84 08 78 6b dc (H8x}QVmk;0xk)
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 49 01 01 b6 a9 f3 e5 09 70 7c 00 a3 bf de b2 30 3e 7e 09 8b 25 49 7e 25 64 75 76 23 7d b4 e0 f1 14 1e (Ip|0>~%I~%duv#})
 26 31 d0 80 9e c1 05 0b 00 4a 01 01 60 8d 48 34 ce c6 52 05 ee 55 c0 ea 16 a0 a5 eb 09 c4 60 a2 1b 88 4c d1 e3 fc 17 72 47 1b 6c (J`H4RU`LrGl)

From the GitHub - rpp0/gr-lora: GNU Radio blocks for receiving LoRa modulated radio messages using SDR I had to change the following things…
Set the center and target frequency to 910.3 (per USA)
Set the spreading factor to 7
Once I did this, I see the messages spitted into Wireshark every time I press the button on my YoLink sensor.

May be this might be useful for other people who may be more knowledgeable in decoding it.

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You may want to join the discussion in the OpenMQTTGateway forum. You know a lot more about sniffing signals than I do. The linked thread is specifically about the Yolink hub. @ 1technophile in the OMG forum would be able to help.

LoRa Gateway - Off The Shelf

You guys, just get some zigbee sensors, these guys are never releasing this integration. Move on…

@maplequasar I have 30 zigbee devices. I am interested in LoRa with longer distances than zigbee or Zwave and even longer battery life.


Thanks for this. I converted my IFTTT routines to this format since I can more easily account for the state of the gate off of the outdoor sensor. Also, since I don’t subscribe to IFTTT, I was limited to three applets and they weren’t cutting it.

I also added an input_boolean that I mapped to a template binary sensor so that I can control the relay through Alexa. So far, so good, but I look forward to a more local solution.


Hey! I received my Yolink kit with hub and four door sensors. The biggest problem I’ve had is the gate which is about 150 feet from the house. I had a reasonable solution where I ran POE to the gate and installed an RPI with a Conbee II. That worked ok until somewhere, the ethernet degraded (5 years). I’ve tried Zigbee and Z-Wave with no luck.

The Yolink sensors seem to be working great. One on the gate, one on the garage (another issue getting Zigbee and Z-Wave working reliably in the garage), and one on a storage room door that never seems to completely close. I’m using IFTTT. It took me 5 minutes to get the Yolink working through IFTTT and back to my HA install.

So far, I am ecstatic! Looking forward to HA integration, but, for now, content.


One very minor issue… I cannot seem to change the “polarity” of the sensor. I would like to change the “open” state to “closed” for the gate. Yolink says its open when the opposite is true because of the way I had to install it. Other sensors allow me to switch the reading. But this is a very tiny complaint.

How are you integrating with HA through IFTTT? If you are using it to set an input_boolean for state, you could map open to closed and vice versa pretty easily. That’s what I do, except I decided to use Alexa routines to replace my IFTTT due to applet limitations.

Yep… I know I can change the polarity through IFTTT and send the right event to HA. The anal part of me likes to have a little more control. :upside_down_face:

I am also hoping for the eventual API and integration. The IFTTT solution is a B+ compared to the C- solutions I had cobbled together in the past. But I still don’t have complete visibility into whether the doors/gate are open or closed. Especially if I miss an event for some reason. A stopgap might be a yolink timer that sends the current state every 10 or 15 minutes just to make sure I have the current state. But nothing beats a direct connectionbthat can be polled.

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OK… so living with the yolink door sensors for a few days there are some definite issues that integration would solve. The most glaring is the latency through ifttt. The gate opened today and (not sure where the issue was but) it took 60 seconds to get the ifttt message that the gate was opened. Then I never received the “closed” message. As far as HA is concerned, the gate is still open. Hmmm.

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I have statefulness issues with Alexa as well. I use YoLink’s app for more timely notifications of gate open/closed.

unfortunately, I have it tied to several automations. I also have other doors I’m watching.

I’m starting to realize that the YoLink app has issues as well. They have a feature that allows for setting the “Open Reminder”. It is always 20 seconds no matter how many times I set it. I’ve even deleted the app and reinstalled it. 20 seconds. The only thing I have found success in so far is the distance within which it can recognize that the switch is open. Add this to the fact that I cannot change the polarity of the switch (switch open means gate closed) and the app is quite useless.

Quickly turning from a B+ to a C+. Integration with HA is the only thing that would get me to buy more devices from yolink.

Wooo buddy this got interesting! I was one of the people a loooooong time ago that was going to work on an integration. It’s interesting to see eric come back around – I thought he got kicked out? Anyway… @andrew.kalek is definitely not crazy, there is (some kind of) MQTT access available but only if you have the magical API key. I was one of those few who has one as well, although I haven’t spent much time on it.

At this point, I’ve given up hope writing an HA integration just because of this API requirement. If user’s can’t get it, what’s the point of writing and giving it out? I’ve been watching my own MQTT stream from their cloud but haven’t really received anything yet (I only have four devices) but I’ll shoot out some information if it comes across.

Sorry y’all… I, along with many others, had hoped this turned out better. Since this is all ESP based, the next solution might be repurposing the hardware with our own software?

Just some thoughts…


Howdy! Yolink support resolved one of my issues. with the latest firmware, the “Open Reminder” now seems to work. It’s still kind of useless for my gate since it is an “open reminder” and the yolink switch for the gate reads “closed” when, in fact, the gate is “open”. But one step at a time. :slight_smile: