Yolink water meter

I am looking for a way to create a daily water usage chart for my yolink water meter. I am currently trying a statistic card for the day but it is not giving me the correct total. I would also like to see it the data in some kind of spread sheet/graph to show like 250 gallons for day 5, 300 gallons for day 6, and so on.

Thanks for any help.

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Use the Energy tab (Water usage)

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That is getting me closer, if I add all the bars together it looks about right. Do you know away to get it to show me running totals for the day? You have any idea why if my sensor is only accurate to whole numbers why it is giving me partial numbers?

I use the AI-ON-THE-EDGE add-on for my water and gas. It only cost me $14 for two ESP32-CAMs! The gas meter is very easy for the ESP32-CAM to read, the water meter not so much. I have them each taking the measurement every 5 minutes. The water meter measurement is accurate enough every several tries that it does get the measurement right. The integration is built so that it only sends data toi HA when itr does get the number right :slight_smile:

Water meter:

Gas Meter:

Here is for reference:

Scroll down in the above link and you will see:

For my electricity i use: Shelly Pro 3EM

But since I am in the USA and we don’t have din rails here I had to buy a 4-inch din rail and do this lol:

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KruseLuds that is interesting what you have done but I think it would be simpler in my case to make use of the pulse dry contacts on my water meters. I didn’t know the DIN rails where European I have just been creative with zipties when using equipment with DIN attachments :grinning:

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Look down below your page for the day totals.

It appears to be blank below the graph on my energy page, where exactly is it supposed to be?

I might be wrong, just a guess. But not in the good ole’ USA for an old fart like me in an old home (that circuit breaker box I upgraded about 30 years ago when I moved in - it had ancient fuses)

On the European thing I tell everyone I know about wagos, you may already know about them but you use them in place of wire nuts and I love the positive feed back of them. I’m talking about the lever style not the push in type. I use the lever style on my chicken farm in very harsh environments and they are holding up great after 3 or 4 years so far. I don’t work for them or anything and they aren’t cheap but I’ll never go back to wire nuts now.

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Mine looks like that, how do you get it to look like yours?

Strange, I didn’t change anything in the Energy page.