Yonomi Integration (For devices such as the Schalge Encode WiFi)

What is Yonomi

They describe it as:

Yonomi is the simple smart home integration platform. We make it easy for innovators to build great apps and devices that connect with the smart home.

Why Bother creating an integration For Yonomi?
Many devices don’t have open APIs for control by Home Assistant in any feasible way. One great example is the Schlage Encode Lock , which only works with Amazon Key, Alexa, Google Assistant and Yonomi.

How easy is it to implement an new integration of Yonomi in Home Assistant?
Yonomi has a lot of docs and reference to use their

They have easy REST APIs to achieve it:

It could be easy to implement a basic cloud Poll or Push integration.

If we get an integration to the platform, it shall open doors to many more connected devices in Home assistant, like the Samsung’s Smart Things Platform.

If any devs are free/intrested we would be really excited for this :grin:

Thank u to all the Home Assistant Devs, and the community for the time and effort :pray:

I would love for someone to build this integration. I would literally pay for it

Great idea, it would open up so many integrations that are not currently available.

I requested developer API access to Yonomi but they replied saying that the platform is currently only available to enterprise customers. Hopefully they will open it up in the near future.


I know this thread is old but I’d also love a way to get my encode into HA

Good Morning, All -

A number of efforts have been made across various threads to get the ball rolling in regards to this integration, but I think I may have finally gotten connected with the right people.

A couple weeks back, I had a call with one of Yonomi’s Vice-Presidents.

After explaining some of the “whys” and “whats” of Home Assistant, they are open to and interested in allowing their platform to be integrated with Home Assistant. If nothing else, it sounds like they want to try and be good corporate citizens about this, and allow tinkerers, makers, and other people who just need to integrate Platform A with Platform B to have a valid avenue.

I have a call later today with their Director of Solution Engineering to look at how this could work technically from a high-level, but I would very much be interested in bringing someone on-board who has either previously contributed to or otherwise written a home-assistant integration, or is at least well versed in API integrations and the relevant technologies (OAuth, etc). I have some limited general background in the area, and will certainly be trying my best to make this happen, but would love to have some more experienced community members join the effort.

As a cloud-driven company, naturally they have hosting costs, and their VP explained to me that at the very least, they wouldn’t want to be losing money on this integration - which I can certainly understand. Each time an API call is made, that is processed by AWS’s servers and adds a small amount to Yonomi’s expenses with them. In turn, they are floating the idea of charging a small fee to cover their expenses to allow this integration.

Whether that fee is $10 a year, $10 a month, or somewhere in-between is yet to be determined, but I’m curious what the general feedback is on if people would be interested in this integration, even if it would have a small cost associated?

TL;DR - Yonomi is open to working with the HA community to make this integration happen. There may be a small cost associated with it. Looking for input from users, and searching for community members to help with development.


That is great news and I really appreciate your efforts here.

I totally understand having to charge for ongoing API access, but I would much prefer an API that allows direct local access after a single verification step to acquire an authorization key. This would mean that there is no ongoing load on their servers and no hosting costs involved beyond a one-time token retrieval and it also sidesteps the latency issues of remote APIs.


Great job with this! I would agree with opticron that ideally the communications is all done locally between the lock and HA. This would reduce their server load from API calls and doesn’t depend on internet for the user.


Any recent updates here? Still hoping some brilliant folks figure out how to get the Encodes to work with HA.

Same here, any way to pull my Schlage encode into Home Assistant would be a godsend.

Agreed. I’d love to see that.

Is there anything we can do to help with this?

Community outreach to Yonomi directly to let them gauge interest by volume of requests?
Commitment via $$$ either to you or to Yonomi.
Something else entirely?

Would love to have these integrated and willing to help.
Big waves are coming with Thread integration into HA so once that settles my Ecode Plus could be added.

Hi All -

Apologies for the delay here, I’ve just got a mountain of projects I’m currently working on.

Yonomi is very much engaged, and has provided me with development resources, test locks, etc.

Right now my hurdles are two-fold:

  1. Generally speaking, Yonomi’s platform is designed to be cloud-to-cloud, not cloud-to-client. Meaning that in their system, they would expect to make a single “Home Assistant” tenant, and not have a tenant for each user/home individually. In this deployment type, all of our home-assistant instances would communicate back to a central server, which THEN communicates with Yonomi. This is somewhat counter-intuitive to Home Assistant’s local/offline architecture. Perhaps this can be worked around with something on the HA side or Yonomi side. I admittedly haven’t had the time to put much thought into it.

  2. Realistically, this project would benefit greatly from experience from a developer who has already built or worked on some HA integrations. While I can cobble together some code where I need to, I’m more of a “modify a working example” kind of guy, and I don’t think that is going to work very well here considering the architectural hurdles that we’ll need to overcome.

With that said, if anyone can find a community member from another integration who is interested in helping out here, I would very much welcome their assistance, and perhaps that could start to move the needle here.

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As dmrichards26 said, although it’ll involve cloud service, I was playing around with the developer tools today that they first added in May. It appears that if we can get Home Assistant to use webhooks to communicate with the Yonomi API, we could at least get status updates on battery and state if not actually send lock/unlock commands back into Home Assistant from the Encode. Waiting for their developer team to approve my endpoint in Pipedream to continue testing. Edit: Like @dmrichards26 I also don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, but I’m going to give it the 'ol college try.