Yoosee SD-M5 $66 Doorbell

Has anybody tried integrating the latest Yousee 1080P ONVIF Doorbell with Home Assistant? It seems like a very attractive no-cloud option with the possibility of both WIFI and wired POE ethernet connectivity. The price seems reasonable too at $66


I have just got one of these, only just installed it. I have it running in BlueIris, but am having some issues integrating it into Home Assistant. I have an RF Bridge with Portisch firmware (which I had integrated with my old dumb RF doorbell), but cant seem to detect the SD-M5 on button press.
Also trying to work out the snapshot jpeg URL.
There is a general thread about the SD-MD here (https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/yoosee-sd-m5-doorbell-1080p-poe-rtsp-onvif-only-66.40569)

do you pair the sd-m5 directly to rf-bridge? or do you need to install something physically inside the doorbell?

well it’s too bad there isn’t any native integration option to get button presses updates

For your screenshot url, why dont you just pull it from blueiris since you have that integrated already?

The SD-M5 transmits rf 433 when the button is pressed, but the RF Bridge doesn’t pick up the press, I have Portisch firmware, and have tried rfraw 1 and rfraw166, neither detect the press.
A Native integration would be great.
I could take the screen shot from blueiris, its just more config.

@speedyrazor wanted to thank you for your guide on using the chime with the wemos d1 mini for the buton press. Works perfect.
One tip i wanted to share that just confirms data and power should be shared between the wemos and the chime.
As Im not a very skilled welder, as soon as i managed to do a decent job of the data wire on the chime chip I decided to “quit while ahead” and just power them separately with 2 independen usb cables.

Dont know electronics enough to bottom out the issue, but first problem was when i plugged them either the chime would drom after a few minutes or the wemos. Eventually after 6 hours the wemos bricked and that was it.

So i decided to follow your instructions and power the chime from the wemos.
Once i did that, no more conflict and all works well.
Thank you again

it’s a really decent camera for the USD68 price including chime. I have it configured in zoneminder and now with the wemos i have instant push button notifications.