Yoto Integration

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let this group know I have started a Yoto player integration. The basics are functional now with more to come! Check it out and let me know via github issues if you something is wrong or feature requests. It will help me prioritize where to spend my time on it.

cdnninja/yoto_ha: Home Assistant Integration for Yoto (github.com)


This is brilliant! Thank you so much. It’s been on my to do list for a while as I desperately need a reminder to charge them in the morning.

Great work, adding it now and having a play. Got the yoto box this week.
Cannot figure out if there is a service to trigger playing a card from library which is not currently inserted?

Replacing an Alexa for my daughter, it gives her more control because it’s physical. But I miss the controls from phone for myself.

Many thanks!

Yes, the play media service works. Today I also added browse media. So latest release lets you browse the card library.